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The best way for a GK to defend a GS is to just simply make sure you are 3 feet away from the GS, put your arms up tall and don't stand on your ti-pi toe's cause you to loose balance), stick with her(him) follow GS's every move and lastly jump when the ball is being thrown or when a shot is being taken and imagine there is a million dollars i above you.

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Q: What is the best way for a GK to defend the GS?
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Which two players are not allowed in the centre third?

GS and GK

Who is aloud in the shotting area in netball?

gs - goal shooter gk - goal keeper

Why can't the gk and gs pass the goal third line?

It's just part of the rules.

What is an offside in netball mean?

it is when you go past the line you cant to past, for example if you go in to the shooting 'D' and your not a GS, GS, GK or GD. Hope it helps?

What does the Goal shooter do in Netball?

the goal shooter in netball is only allowed to stay in the end they're team is shooting and is not allowed to come in the middle third! the shooter can shoot in the goal and can defend the ball when they miss their goal.! they also have a defender which is called a GK and the GK is usually instructed to follow every move the GS makes!! so you have to try and trick them!

How many girls play netball in the UK?

Normally there are 7 players : GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD, GK. If you play in primary school you may play 5- a -side which doesn't include WA or WD and the GS and GK may go into the centre third.

How many players are in a netball team?

Their are 7 GA,GD,GK,GS,C,WA and WD :) xx

How many players make a netball team?

Seven - GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD, GK.

How do you play GS?

the gs in netball is in charge of scoring goals for the team along with the ga. the gs is the main shooter of the team and holds the most pressure to win the game...this is the position i play along with gk and it's great!! :D

What does the GK in netball do?

The GK is the Goal Keeper and is allowed in the Goal circle and Goal third. She defends against the opposing Goal Shooter. She must mark the Goal Shooter and try to intercept passes into the Goal Circle; She must recognise the need to Mark the GS away from the Goal Post and defend the shot at goal and position for a possible rebound under the post. She must take Backline Throw-in accurately. It is good for the GK to be tall, agile and must be good at intercepting and position herself tactfully in the goal circle to upset the shot encourage long shots into the Goal.

Players and positions in netball?

there are seven players on each team (gk, gd, wd, c, wa, ga, gs)

What are the positions of a net ball team?

goal shooter. GS goal attack. GA wing attack. WA centre. C wing defence. WD goal defence. WD goal keeper. GK GS marks GK GA marks GD WA marks WD C marks C hope this helped x