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2010-03-03 02:25:15
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Q: What is the best type of hockey stick that you can get for under and 100?
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What is the best type of field hockey stick to use?

personally i use a mercian stick (and love it) , but Dita and grays are really good also :)

Phil esposito was the first hockey player to use what type of hockey stick?


What type of sport do you use a stick?

You use a stick in the sports of ice hockey and lacrosse.

How would you classify each type of hockey stick?

By material

How do you curve a wooden hockey stick?

you take a blow torch heat your blade up then jam your stick under a door and lift the stick to the type of curve you would like and let cool and enjoy

What type of lever in science is a field hockey stick?

It is a third class lever.

What do you play hockey with?

A hockey stick is required either way, but the type will affect whether you use a ball on a field or a puck on some ice.

The angle formed between the blade and the shaft of a hockey stick is 135 What type of angle is this?


What type of stick hits a hockey puck farther?

This depends on the flex rating/capability of the stick shaft, the strength of the stick blade and the power of the player shooting the puck.

What is a hockey scoop?

it is when you scoop the puck up onto the blade of your stick, more of a trick-shot type thing.

Which is the best hockey of all time?

AnswerThis answer can be very biased depending on which team or type of hockey you like.However, best on best hockey such as the Canada Cups and the Olympics are considered by most fans to provide the best hockey. And of course there are always individual games in any league which are very exciting.

Weight of hockey stick?

Ranges from stick to stick, and depends on the material type used for the stick. The composite sticks will be lighter due to their hollow core. Wood sticks are solid alll the way through which makes them heavier. Hope that helps.

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