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it is when you scoop the puck up onto the blade of your stick, more of a trick-shot type thing.

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Q: What is a hockey scoop?
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What is a scoop or dodge in hockey?


In which sport do you use term scoop?


What is a sideline hit in hockey?

Scoop hit

How can you scoop hockey ball?

Get your stick under the ball and lift.

What is a scoop in field hockey?

A scoop is a method of flicking or raising the ball, with a motion similar to that of using a shovel (hence its name).

What are some field hockey terms that begin with s?

short corner, scoop, slap

What classification of skill is a penalty stroke in hockey?

The stroke can be taken as either a push, a flick or a scoop.

What types of field hockey shots are there?

Hits: hit, sweep, tomahawk, backhand. Pushes: drag, push, scoop. Flicks: flick, dragflick.

What is a ''scoop'' in field hockey?

A scoop is what you do to often lift the ball over opposing players' feet and sticks. Similar to a flick, you put the center of your stick under the ball, and push up quickly, so the ball raises a good foot off the ground.

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