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The best football team is jya falconz

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2009-12-15 20:27:05
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Q: What is the best team in the world for little league?
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Who is the best little league team?


What is the World Series in baseball?

The World Series in baseball is the best team in the American League, playing the best team in the National League for the Major League Championship.

Best little league baseball team?

Chula Vista Little league, outstanding hitters and tough pitchers

Who is the first Connecticut little league team to win the little league world series?

stamford ct 1951

Who is the best league team in the world?

arsenal or Barcelona

How do you be in the 2010 little league World Series?

first you need to make your towns all-star team, then your team has to make it to the state tournament and if you win then you get to the little league world series

Who won the Little League World Series in 2007?

The team from Warner Robins, Georgia (USA) defeated the team from the Tokyo Kitasuna Little League (Japan) 3-2 in eight innings to win the 2007 Little League World Series.

Which team is the best team in hockey?

Since the National Hockey League is usually considered the best hockey league in the world, the winner of the Stanley Cup is the best team in hockey.

Has a little league team from Colorado ever won the Little League World Series?

No. Indeed, no Colorado team has ever played in the championship game of the LLWS.

Do you capitalize little league team?

Yes. It should be--- Little League Team.

Who won the little league world series in 2006?

The little league team from Columbus, Georgia defeated a team from Kawaguchi City, Japan by a score of 2-1.

How do you get on a little league World Series team?

You must first play a complete little league season in your area with a twelve year old league age. You must then have to be chosen by coaches and players to be selected on to the all-star team. Your team must then win the district,sectional,state, and finally regional tournaments. You will then represent your region in Williamsport,PA in the Little Lague World Series. you need to make our towns best all-star team, then you need to win your states tournament and oyur in the little league world series hopefully

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