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Manchester United are a Team in the Football League - Barclays Premier League. They are the BEST Football Team in the World.

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Q: Are Manchester Utd
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Who has the most supporter Liverpool fc or Manchester utd?

Manchester utd

How many times has Manchester Utd won the Champions League?

Manchester United has won 3 Champions League Cup so far.1968 - Manchester Utd's 1st win.1999 - Manchester Utd's 2nd win.2008 - Manchester Utd's 3rd win.Hope I helped!

What is the highest scoring game between arsenal and Manchester utd?

Manchester Utd 8-2 Arsenal

Who would win Manchester utd or Barcerlona?

Manchester Utd. they won the EPL too and are playing like dream.

What team did park ji-sung play after being in Manchester utd?

He is still playing in Manchester Utd as number 13 (as of 2010). If you mean before Manchester Utd, PSV Eindhoven in Holland (2003-2005).

Which team is older Manchester utd or Manchester city?

Manchester United By 2 Years

Who is better Chivas Guadalajara or Manchester UTD?

Manchester United... by far.

Who is better Glasgow Celtic Fc or Manchester United?

Manchester utd

What team does naymour play for?

Manchester utd

What year did Manchester Utd get relegated?


What does man utd mean?

Manchester United

What were man utd called before they were man utd?

Man Utd was called Newton Health Before Manchester united

Who is better Manchester utd or Chelsea fc show statistics?

Manchester united

Does Owen play for Manchester united?

Yes, Michael Own completed a free transfer from Newcastle Utd to Manchester Utd during the summer of 2009!

Who has played for Manchester city football club and Manchester utd football club?

Carlos Tevez has recently moved to Man City from Man Utd.

Who played for Celtic and Manchester utd in the 80s?


Worst football team in the world?

Manchester Utd

Are Manchester utd building a new stadium in the future?


Who are better man utd or Liverpool?

It is Manchester United.

Which team does David Beckham support?

Manchester Utd

Does Manchester utd has the same fanS as Chelsea?

of course not

What does the Manchester United FC football logo stand for?


Did john terry support Manchester Utd as a boy?


Who owns Manchester utd in the UK?

sir alex Ferguson

Who did Manchester utd sign Eric cantona from?

Leeds United