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Q: What is the best olyimpic games sport?
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What sport did valerieadams win an olyimpic gold in?

Shot Put

Was knitting an olyimpic sport?

Not in the olympic but there are other alternative championships. :)

History of gymnastic?

in 776 BC the Greeks held the first olyimpic games. the Olympic games then went for 1,000 years. the name of the sport is "gymnastics" is derived from the ancient greek work "gymos"

Who supervises the olyimpic games?


What is the most popular Olyimpic sport?

athletism... like the 100 meter race

What olyimpic event starts with U?

There is no olympic sport that starts with the letter u.

How many olyimpic games have there been?


How did the prepare for the ancient olyimpic games?

By hanin

When was the olyimpic games first held in england?


How often are the winter olyimpic games held?

every year

How often are the olyimpic games held?

Every four years.

Who invented the olyimpic games?


What country was the first to host the modern olyimpic games?


Where were the first olyimpic games held at?

Greece ages ago !

How many olyimpic summer games have been held?


Can you play mario and sonic at the winter olyimpic games at a computer?


What year was the biathlon brought to the Olyimpic games?

The sport known as biathlon debuted at the 1960 Winter Games in Rome. However, the 1924 Winter Games in Chamonix had a sport called 'Military Ski Patrol' which was very similar to the current biathlon relay race. Military Ski Patrol was a medal sport at the 1924 Winter Games and a demonstration sport at the 1928, 1936, and 1948 Winter Olympics. When biathlon debuted in 1960, it was an individual event of 20 kilometers. A 4x7.5 kilometer relay race was added in 1968.

How often were the ancient olyimpic games held?

The olimpic games are held every 4 years.

How many times has Tom Daley Olyimpic games diving?


What are the mascot or mascots of the olyimpic games 2012?

It's name is Wenlock and mandeville

Are there any cheats for Mario and sonic at the winter olyimpic games?

No it isn't any

Do you need a Wii board for Mario and sonic at the winter olyimpic games?

No but it is compatible.

How many olyimpic games have been held since 1900-2012?


What did baron Pierre ask to happen to the 1924 olyimpic games?

That it be held in France.

What is the best sight for cricket games?

Stick Sport is the best site for cricket game