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Q: When was the olyimpic games first held in england?
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Where were the first olyimpic games held at?

Greece ages ago !

What years has England held the olyimpic games?

2013 2012 and 5012 1908, 1948 and this year, 2012.

What was the first year of the winter olyimpic?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

How often were the ancient olyimpic games held?

The olimpic games are held every 4 years.

How many olyimpic summer games have been held?


How often are the winter olyimpic games held?

every year

How often are the olyimpic games held?

Every four years.

What town in England first held an Olympic games in 1800?

which town in england first held an olympic games in 1800's

How many olyimpic games have been held since 1900-2012?


What did baron Pierre ask to happen to the 1924 olyimpic games?

That it be held in France.

Where were commonwealth games held for the first time?


When were the ancient olyimpic held?

in 776 bc

Where doses the word olyimpic come from?

The word olympic comes from the Greek city of Olympus where the first games honoring Zeus were played. As far as the Olympic Games go? They were first held in Olympia, the Olympic Games were the games in Olympia.

History of gymnastic?

in 776 BC the Greeks held the first olyimpic games. the Olympic games then went for 1,000 years. the name of the sport is "gymnastics" is derived from the ancient greek work "gymos"

When has England held the commonwealth games and in which cities was it held?

1934 Commonwealth Games (London, England) 2002 Commonwealth Games (Manchester, England)

Who held the first Olympics?

The first Summer modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. The first Winter Olympic Games were held in Chamonix, France in 1924. The first Paralympic Games were held in London, England in 1948. The Paralympics have been held immediately after the Olympics in the same location since the Seoul Games in 1988.

Where will the 2012 winter games be held?

they will be held in London England.

In which city was the first modern olympic games held?

The first sports event called the Olympic games in the modern era was held in Much Wenlock (a village in England) in 1850. The first Olympiad organised by the IOC was held in Athens in 1896.

Where were the commonwealth games held in 2002?

The 2002 Commonwealth Games was held in Manchester, England.

Where were the 2002 Commonwealth Games held?

The 2002 commonwealth games were held in Manchester, England.

Where were 2002 commonwealth games held?

The 2002 Commonwealth games were held in Manchester, England.

How many times has the winter Olympics been in England?

The Winter Olympics have never been held in England. The 1908 and 1948 Summer Games were held in England and the upcoming 2012 Summer Games will be held in England.

Which years has London held the olympic games?

England has held the Olympic games in 1908 and 2012

Where is common wealth games held in 2002?

The 2002 Commonwealth games were held in Manchester, England.

When was the first commonweath games held?

The first Commonwealth Games was held in 1930.