Was knitting an olyimpic sport

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Not in the olympic but there are other alternative championships. :)

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Q: Was knitting an olyimpic sport
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What is the best olyimpic games sport?


Is knitting a volcano?

No, knitting is a sport.

What sport did valerieadams win an olyimpic gold in?

Shot Put

What is the most popular Olyimpic sport?

athletism... like the 100 meter race

What has the author Judy Dodson written?

Judy Dodson has written: 'Knit one, sport one' -- subject(s): Knitting, Patterns 'Super machine knits' -- subject(s): Knitting, Machine knitting, Patterns, Sweaters 'Journey into Self'

Is double knitting heavier or lighter than 2 ply wool?

Double knitting is also called sport weight yarn and is not as thick as worsted weight. 2 ply wool is thinner than double knitting and is usually used for making socks.

What was the ancient greek olyimpic torch made from?

the original olyimpic torch was made from wiker and reeds

What do they used to wear in the olyimpic?

Well, it depends on which sport you are doing. If you are swimming, you probably wear a swim suit, and in gymnastics, they wear leotards, or like swimsuit material suits probably.

Is footall an olyimpic sports?


Who supervises the olyimpic games?


Which place is in India in olyimpic?


What are the three types of knitting?

cable knitting, tube knitting, four needle knitting, knitting in the round, and a straight knit