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Q: What is the best most elastic UV resistant most durable type of tubing to use for a slingshot?
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What type of tubing is transparent water resistant fire resistant and affordable on a budget?


Can hydraulic crane shifting pipe?

Elastic tubing can.

What is silicon tubing used for?

Silicon tubing is used for medical tubing, as it meets the medical industry's requirement for cleanliness and toxicity. Another upside is that silicon tubing is resistant to extreme temperature variations.

Uses of rubber tubing?

In a chemical laboratory rubber (or plastic) tubing is used to make elastic connexions between glassware, instruments, accessories.

Are fuel lines made out of copper tubing?

no the are made out of highly durable rubber

Why is aluminium used as tubing?

* Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant * Aluminum tubing help cool down computers

How to reband a slingshot after one breaks?

Use rubbing alcohol to wet the ends where the new tubing will go. You should then be able to work the tubes over the ends of the slingshot. Allow some time to dry. Happy hunting.

How do you make an egg launcher without using compressed air?

Consider a slingshot design. Rubber surgical tubing with a leather sling or pouch to hold the egg. If you don't want the egg to break on landing, make sure the slingshot will accomodate a protective package for the egg. Or you could consider using a mouse trap and taping a spoon to it!!!!!!It worls Great!

What energy is stored in a slingshots surgical tubing?

Since the energy stored elastically by an object is represented by E = 0.5kx^2 a simple calculation can be done to see how much energy is being stored by your slingshot on any given pull: The x value represents the distortion in meters (ie. the difference between the length of the band when it is in its resting state, and its length when it is being pulled). The k value is the elastic constant for the surgical tubing. This value can be looked up in a chart or table, or can be calculated experimentally (with the use of the equation: F = kx, again where k and x represent the elastic constant, and deformation, respectively). Once you have your values, simply substitute them into the equation and solve. The calculated energy stored, will have its units in Joules (J).

PEX Tubing ?

form_title= PEX Tubing form_header= Become a home improvement master with PEX tubing. How much tubing do you need?*= _ [50] What size tubing do you need?*= _ [50] What color tubing do you need?*= _ [50] How will the tubing be used?*= _ [50]

Copper Tubing ?

form_title= Copper Tubing form_header= Make DIY a snap with copper tubing! What gauge of copper tubing would you like to buy?*= _ [50] What size tubing do you need?*= _ [50] Do you want to cut the tubing yourself?*= () Yes () No

What is the difference between water tubing and snow tubing?

Water tubing your on water in the summer, snow tubing your on snow during the winter. Water tubing is behind a boat and snow tubing is down a hill. Water tubing has special tubes that are expensive and snow tubing can use any tube. Water tubing you have to wear a type II life jacket by law and snow tubing you don't have to wear anything. Water tubing needs an observer, driver, and the person being towed and snow tubing only need the person on the tube. Also in my personal opinion Water Tubing is awesome! and snow tubing is alright.

How do you tie a band on a slingshot?

There are several Methods to tying a band to a slingshot. 1. You can plainly wrap your bands to the sling shot making sure they are even lengths. 2. you can wrap the bands to the stick with some string. About the 30 times around will do it 3. You can do what i did and drill a hole in the stick and feed the tubing through it and tie a knot at the end of the band so it does not come out. You may have to double knot the band

Where are Inconel alloys usually used?

Inconel alloys are very resistant to extreme temperatures. They are often used in gas turbine blades, turbocharger rotors and seals and heat exchange tubing.

What is closed in tubing head pressure in Oil and Gas industry?

usually, the tubing head is the cross-tee connected by flange both at top and bottom. The tubing head is installed on the flange of the casing head, so as to hang the tubing string and seal the annular space between the tubing string and the production casing. The tubing head is made up of the tubing head cross-tee and the tubing hanger.

How do you say we went tubing in Spanish?

snow tubing

What is visking tubing?

Visking tubing is a kind of seamless semi permeable tubing, a cellulose tubing, that is made of regenerated cellophane. It is used as an edible casing for sausages or as a membrane in dialysis.

Why is pex tubing color coded?

Pex tubing was manufactured for plumbing. The actual tubing comes in two colors, red, and blue. These are to signal hot and cold when you are running the tubing.

Can your water pipe be made of tubing?

More information needed. -Water pipe to where, -tubing, -there are hundreds of kinds of 'tubing' and most water pipes are made from some kind of tubing.

What is the difference between fiberglass tubing and pvc tubing?

There is a lot of differences between PVC and Fiberglass. Fiberglass is going to be stronger and PVC is the plastic tubing that you find in local home repair stores. PVC tubing is cheaper than fiberglass. Fiberglass tubing is lighter in weight. PVC tubing can be bent when heat is applied, but fiberglass tubing is fixed and will break, not bend.

What is rubber tubing?

Rubber tubing is a tube made out of rubber.

What scientific words to use for water tubing?

h2o tubing?

When was Columbus Tubing created?

Columbus Tubing was created in 1919.

What are the main uses for stainless tubing?

The main uses for stainless tubing is to create diverse number of tubing purposes. Also, steel tubing is also used in refrigerators, and also gas lines.

Classify copper tubing as homogenous or heterogenous?

Copper tubing is homogenous.