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Have you tried Augusta National?

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Q: What is the best golf course in the Atlanta area?
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Name the best kept area on the golf course?

If it is an anyway half decent golf course, the whole course would be best kept. However, the green gets special attention, then the fairways and then the tee boxes.

What is best miniature golf course on Oahu?

Bayview Golf Course in Kaneohe reopened it's mini-golf course.

What are the best golfing resorts in Myrtle Beach?

The Legends is the finest golf resort in the area. It has six courses, including the only five star course in the area. Barefoot Resort and Golf was designed by golf's most inspired architects, and it was rated as one of the best places to play by Golf Digest.

What is the best golf course in South Florida?

Doral Golf Resort -- Blue Monster Course

What is the best golf course in New York?

Bethpage State Park Golf Course -- Farmingdale, NY

What is the best golf course on Prince Edward Island?

Glasgow Hills Golf Course in New Glasgoe

What is the best golf course in Hawaii?

Kapalua. The Plantation Course.

Is Aberdeen in Scotland a golf course?

There are many golf courses in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

We will be going to Pasadena, California next month. Which golf course is closest to Pasadena?

Pasadena has several golf courses near the area. Some of the most popular ones include Bookside Golf Course and Annadale Golf Course.

What is nearest airport to Augusta golf course in Georgia USA?

Atlanta International Airport

What is the rough in a golf course?

area between fairway and out of boubds

What is the best golf course in Massachusetts?

Meadow Creek Golf Club, Dracut, MA