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You cannot tell the best team, but the teams with the best records are generally more capable of winning than a team with a lesser record.

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Q: What is the best baket ball team?
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How many quarters are in baket ball?


What are the most popular pastimes in Italy?

Italys favourite pastime is baket ball, soccer, horse riding and fishing

Who is the best foot ball team?

Barcelona are the best

What are the cons of club ball vs school ball?

Club ball, you play against the best, school ball they let everyone play. Also, school ball teams are based on your school players, where club ball you choose your team so it truly is the best vs the best

What is the best time to switch position in volleyball?

The best time to switch positions with a teammate is either after a person on your team serves the ball or if your team isnt serving: after someone on your team recieves the ball and it goes over the net but you should always be ready to play the ball even if you are running accross the court switching.

Who is the best foot ball team in the world?

Bolton wanderers!

Best basket ball team?

Probably the LA Lakers.

Best ball golf?

Best ball is a tournament format where teams of 2-4 players play together. Everyone plays their own ball/game, and the best score made by a team member becomes the team score or "best ball". It is usually played as stroke play, but can also be played as match play. Match play often results in a lot of halved holes though. Handicaps can also be applied so that less skilled team members can also contribute. Now if you meant "best golf ball" that just depends on who you're talkin to. lol

What is the best volleyball team?

Penn State is the best volley ball team. They have gone undefeated for 6 to 9 years, and won every national game.

Team A punts to team B the ball hits ground after punt can team A catch ball then toss ball to ground is it live or dead ball?

Team A cannot have possesion of the ball. Ball is dead after it reaches ground

What does out of bounds mean in basketball?

Out of bounds in basketball is passed the line at the end of the court. If a person with the ball stands out of bounds the other team gets the ball. Someone on Team A is on offence (they have the ball) and someone on Team A knocks the ball out of bounds, Team B gets the ball. But if Team A was on offence and Team B knocks the ball out of bounds, Team A keeps the ball.

Where do you get Master Ball in Emerald?

You can find master ball in Team Aqua's hideout, or you can get it from the Lilycove Lottery draw. But the best way is to get it from the hideout.

What does defensive mean?

Defensive means the team that is not offensive- the team without the ball. The team trying to stop the offense, or the team with the ball, is the defense, or the team without the ball.

Does the USA softball team come from a college?

Not exactly, however the players on the team are/were originally recruited from college ball. The USA team just takes the best players from college (older and younger) and put them together to make the best team possible.

What is wife in ilokano?

Baket is wife, lakay is husband.

Where is travis mccoy's house?

baket pupunta ka?

What is a good conclusion for Michael Jordan?

michael jordan is a baket ball player and he has two brothers and fist he liked baseball then football and now basketball.his dad is a general eletric plant supervisor and his mom

Meaning of Team to serve?

it is the team who will be serving the ball or the team who will put the ball to play.

How do you become the best goal keeper in your team?

Be constantly alert and watch the ball at all times.

The ball is put in into play when one team does this?

When one team serves the ball.

Can a fumbled punt recovered by the kicking team be advanced down the field?

Yes. If the receiving team has gained control of the ball and then fumbled, the ball can be recovered and returned by the kicking team. If the ball is 'muffed' (ball touches a member of the receiving team but no member of the receiving team has possession) the ball can be recovered by the kicking team but not advanced.

Team A punts to team B the ball hits ground after punt can team catch ball then toss ball to ground is it live or dead ball?

It is not a dead ball until someone downs (touches) it.

If the receiving team touches the ball before it goes ten yards and the kicking team recovers the ball the ball did not go ten yards who would get the ball?

Once the receiving team touches it becomes a live ball and if the kicking team recovers it regardless how far it went they have the ball.

How does the team score in a basketball game?

The opposite team's goal is to capture the ball from the other team who has the ball and the team which has the ball must score the ball in towards the opponent's hoop while also defending an d attacking, attackers must attack other members of the opposite team while the defending team defends the ball.

Why is the Spanish soccer team best in the world?

Because the Spain team is young, they pass the ball well and keep it for long times, the apponents get frustrated.