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As of the 2008 season, the New York Yankees have lost the most World Series with 13. They have also won the most World Series at 26.

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Q: Which baseball team was the most times runner up in the World Series?
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How many times did the Cowboys win the World Series?

Cowboys have a Super Bowl, which is for FOOTBALL. World Series is BASEBALL

What team has been in World Series the most times?

The New York Yankees lead Major League Baseball with 26 World Series championships, and have appered in the World Series 39 times.

What baseball team has lost the World Series 13 times?


What baseball team has lost the world series a record 13 times but who also holds the most World Series wins?

the Yankees

What baseball team has lost the world series a record 13 times?


Which baseball teams have won the most World Series titles?

The New York Yankees have won the World Series 27 times and appeared 40 times. The St. Louis Cardinals are second in World Series wins with 11.

How many times has each baseball team won a World Series?

Go to the following site and see the list of each ML baseball team and the list of World Series they won:

How many times have the world series?

The World Series have many times.

What baseball teams have been to the world cup series the most?

The New York Yankees. They have been to the World Series 40 times, and have won it 27.

What baseball team lost the World Series 12 times?

Through the 2008 season, both the Dodgers and Giants have lost 12 World Series.

Which Major League Baseball team has won the second most World Series?

The MLB team that has won the 2nd most World Series is the St. Louis Cardinals. They have won 11 times and lost the World Series 7 times. But, the team that has won the MOST World Series is the New York Yankees. They have won 27 World Series and lost 13 World Series.

What happens to a baseball 5 times before it is used in a World Series?

Tossed and checked for flaws

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