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The Saint Louis Cardinals was founded in 1882 in Saint Louis, Mo are were called the "Brown Stockings". In 1899 They change their name to the "Perfectos" For one year before adopting the "Cardinals" in 1900.

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Q: When did the cardinals baseball team move to St. Louis?
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Where did the baseball team cardinals name come from?

st. Louis cardinals

What is the baseball home team for Saint Louis?

The St Louis Cardinals

What sport are the St. Louis Cardinals involved in?

The St. Louis Cardinals are a Major League baseball team.

Is the baseball team Cardinals from St. Louis?

Yes, St. Louis Missouri.

When did the browns become the cardinals?

Do you mean the St Louis baseball team? The baseball team St Louis Browns moved to Baltimore in 1954 and became the Orioles. They never became the Cardinals - The St Louis Cardinals always existed as a National league team since 1900

Are the Saint Louis cardinals the best team in the baseball lage?


What city's team are Cardinals?

For football it is the Arizona cardinals, which is not a city. But if you you are talking about baseball that would be the St. Louis Cardinals.

What year did the Saint Louis cardinals become a baseball team?


Who is Eli Manning's favorite baseball team?

St. Louis Cardinals

Are the St. Louis Cardinals a baseball team in West Virgina?

No. The Cards are in St. Louis, Missouri.

What state are the St. Louis Cardnials from?

The St. Louis Cardinals, a baseball team, are at home in Missouri.

How many games did the St. Louis Cardinals win in 1996?

who many games did the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team win in 1996