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Q: What is the ball and stick called that the queen holds?
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What is the name of the stick?

the metal part is the shaft the top the holds the ball is called the head and the net is the mesh

What Is That Ball Thing That A Queen Holds?

It's called a Sovereign's Orb which you can find out more about in the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom wikipedia page.

What is the name of the queen's stick and ball?

The ball is an orb. It is a symbol of her strength and power. I don't know about the stick though; that's what I'm trying to find out...

Was hockey first called stick and ball?


What is the stick used to throw the ball in lacross called?

In lacrosse, the stick is EVERYTHING. You can only touch the ball with your stick. That's how you carry it. You shoot, cradle, pass, block, and catch with the stick.

What is the stick used to play billiards called?

'Spider' is the most common, or the 'extended spider', or a 'swan neck' rest.

What is the game called when you drop a ball and and it hits pegs that stick out?


A kick by the goalkeeper who holds the ball in his hands?

If the keeper drops the ball and then kicks it before it touches the ground, it is called a punt.

What games did the Hopi Indians play?

The Hopi children played stick ball.

How can softball be modified?

its called t-ball instead of having a pitcher you hit off of a little stick with a whole on the top so the ball stays.

What is stick ball in spanish?

EngLish= Stick ball Spanish: palo de la bola

What is the sport of hurley?

The sport of you refer to is called Hurling, not hurley. It is a uniquely Irish game. Played with a stick and ball, it is a fast paced game, much like an airborne version of hockey (if you can imagine that). You can use the stick to hit the ball. Hands can be used to pass the ball, though not throw it. Its called a hand pass and is useful for short distance or if someone is hooking u ie uses there stick to stop you swing with your stick. See the related question below.