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between 45-60mph depending on the age of the youngster. If you have a 12 year old that can throw between 60-70mph and has good placement on his pitches, you can almost guarantee by the time he is a freshman or sophomore in high school, he'll be throwing about 75-80 mph and college scouts will be at every game he pitches. He will also need to have a breaking ball and a change-up to work on by then.

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Q: What is the average speed of a little league pitcher?
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How fast can a little league pitcher throw a baseball?

the average speed is 64.78 MPH

What is the average pitching speed in Little League baseball?

My husband and I took my son to a street fair when he was 11 and head pitcher for his little league team. They had a machine there that tested his throwing speed and his speed was 51 mph. The guy said he was above average.

What is the average speed of a Major League fastball?

90-92 is considered average for a mlb pitcher. randy Johnson was recorded throwing 103 and that is the highest ever recorded

Average running speed in major league baseball?

the average speed is a 7.1 60 yard dash.

What is the momentum of a fastball being thrown by a major league pitcher?

depends on how fast its thrown. every pitcher has a different speed

Average speed of 11 year old pitcher?

47 mph

How do you translate pitching speed from little league to major league?

In general, add aboout 20 mph because you are calculating the different pitching lengths. Little league pitchers throw from 45 feet, major leaguers throw from 60.5 feet. For example, a little league pitcher throwing a 70 mph pitch is equivalent to a major league player throwing about a 90 mph pitch.

How much is 70 mph pitch in little league is equivalent to MLB?

I don't know exactly but I've watched the Little League World Series enough and they always refer to Little Leaguers pitching speed in relation to MLB and I believe that 70 mph Little League would be around 100 mph MLB A 70 mph little league pitch is equivalent to about a 111 mph MLB pitch. (This is calculated based on an average little league pitch at 57.5 mph and an average MLB pitch at 91 mph.)

In fast pitch softball what is the average speed of a collegiate pitcher?

65 mph

What is the average pitching speed for little leaguers?

The average pitching speed for a 10 year old is 38

How long does it take to drive 128 miles?

That depends on your average speed. If your average speed is 60mph, then a little over 2 hours. If your average speed is 30mph, then it's going to be a little over 4 hours.

How fast do baseball players pitch?

The speed varies from pitcher to pitcher but the average is about 85-100 depending on the type of pitch thrown.

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