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Ok, soo a good softball speed for 12-13 is 50 mph the really good pitchers throw around 55. When you turn 16-17 your goal should be 55 mph. Collage is high 60 to low 70. I think high school the really good pitchers will throw around the 60 mph.

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2011-06-03 19:05:07
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Q: What is the average speed for softball pitching?
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What is the average 10u AAU softball pitching speed?


What is the average 13u AAU softball pitching speed?

About 45 mph

What is the average pitching speed for little leaguers?

The average pitching speed for a 10 year old is 38

What is the average pitching speed for softball pitching age 12?

it is different depending on where you live. southern states such as Florida have a higher average pitching speed than northern states such as vermont. however, the average pitching speed for most 12 yr olds tends to be from the mid-40s to the low-to-mid-50s. average is early 30's to late 40's for a girl who practices daily, but ive seen 10 yr olds throw up to 65 mph

Is there a specific speed record set for women's softball pitching?

There is currently no official record set for speed in women's softball for pitchers. Unofficial records state that a speed of around 75 mph was the highest ever known.

How much are softball pitching lessons at age 14?

Michigan - average $40 for 30 minutes.

how much for used softball pitching machine?

for a softball pitching machine varies from $140 to$300

What are good softball pitching Science fair experiments?

You can do a softball experiment about pitching with a stopwatch.By:Shaniya Bane

What is the average speed of a fastball for the US Olympic softball team?

The average speed at a school with a good program is about 65-70 MPH.

What is softball pitching distance for Illinois high schools?

what is the Illinois high school softball pitching distance

In fast pitch softball what is the average speed of a collegiate pitcher?

65 mph

Is Softball pitching safer than baseball?

-There is always a possibility to get injured when pitching in either softball or baseball. But the pitch in softball (underhand) is more natural.

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