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Sadly no one has ever kept record for this

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Well im 8 and i throw 92

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No u do not

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Q: What is the average mph of a 10 year old pitcher?
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Average speed of 11 year old pitcher?

47 mph

What is the average pitching speed for 8 year old?

35 mph would be about average.

What is the average speed a 13 year old boy cycles at?

Average about 10-15 mph

What is the average pitching speed for 13 year olds?

well it depends if they are good or not, the average speed of a 13 year old that isn't that athletic and dosent play like juniors or club ball is probably 45 mph the AVERAGE speed of a 13yr old in junior league is probably about 60-65 mph well I'm 13 5'8 130 pounds and i can get up to 72 mph. My dad says that good but it depends.

How fast can the average twelve year old throw a ball?

I am twelve and I can throw about 70-75 mph. For an average child maybe 80-85 mph.

How fast does a good 10 year old pitcher pitch?

The average 10 yr old kid throws the ball 45MPH. About 33% of pitchers this age can throw the ball 45-50MPH and about 13% can throw the ball 51-55. About 1 kid in a million can throw the ball 60MPH. If your kid can throw more then 48MPH he is considered above average.

How fast should a 15 year old pitch?

the average 13 year old throws about 65 to 70 miles an hour. there are some boys that can throw harder though (:

What is the average speed of a twelve year old pitcher?

About 60 to high 60`s /67,68,69

What is the average running speed for a 14-year old boy?

I am 14 years old. And I can run about 20 mph. But I run every day, the average is about 14 - 16.

What is the speed of an average 13 year old softball pitcher?

It shoud be 60-75 miles per hour. A good 13 year old should be in the low to mid 50's. An average 13 year old is in the mid 40's.

How fast should an average 7 year throw a baseball?

An average 7 year old can throw from 30 to 40 mph. A 7 year old that is a freak and stand out and one of the best on the best of team can throw 45 and top out at 50 max.

What is the average speed of 80 meters for a 13 year old girl?

1,ooo mph ( miles perh hour )