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Its between 12-14 minutes depending on whether you are comparing yourself to track runners, or the average 10 year old.

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Q: What is the average 3000 meter run time for a ten year old girl?
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How do you convert a 3000 meter race time into the equivalent 2 mile race time?

2 miles is about 3200 meters. So multiply the 3000 meter race time by 3200/3000 (about 1.067) to get the 2 mile time at the same average speed.

What is the average time for a fifth grade girl running a 200 meter dash?

the average is about 34 seconds for a 11 year old girl

The average time for a 800 meter race for a high school girl?

An average time for 800 meter high school girls would probably be around 2:40- 2:50

What is an average time for the 800 meter run for a 12 year old girl?

personally i have a 2.50. average is around 3.10

What is the average time for an 11 year old girl to run the 1500 meter race?

8 minute

What is the average time it takes a teen to run the 100-meter dash?

i think the avg time i takes a teen girl is about 12.7 and the average time for a teen boy is about 11.4

What is the average 400 meter time for a girl?

i'm in 7th grade and 12 turning 13 and my fastest time was 1:48

Worlds fastest 3000 meter run?

he 3000 meter run, is considered as the shortest distance race in the track. The Fastest time for Men's 3000 Meter race is 7:20.67. It is a world record and was made by Daniel Komen of Kenya on 9th January, 1996. Gagan saini

What is an average time for the 800 meter run for a 11 year old girl?

An average would be between 3-4 mins, and a good time would be around 2 and a half mins.

What is a good time for high school 3000 meter track and field?

10 minutes or so.

What is a good time for the 200 meter dash?

I do 28.5 as a twelve year old girl so I would say 30-33 would be the average time

What is the average 100 meter time for a male?


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