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The area of a volleyball court is 1,800 ft.

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2010-08-03 15:56:37
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Q: What is the area of a volleyball court?
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What is the area of a volleyball field?

Volleyball square field/court

How do you call the playing area of volleyball?


What is a volleyball court?

A volleyball court is a court where you play volleyball.

Meaning of playing area in volleyball?

The size of the court and additional space around the court

What is the back court in volleyball?

The back court is the area of your team's court that is closest to the endline (serving line).

What is the standard area of a court in volleyball?

Ten feet by ten feet

What is the playing court in volleyball?

The court that you play volleyball on

Size of serving area in volleyball?

The size of the serving area is the area between the back two lines of the volleyball court. You may serve anywhere between the lines and outside the court. If your foot touches or goes over the line you lose the serve.

How many volleyball players can on a volleyball court?

On a normal volleyball court: 6 players beach volleyball: 2 players

What materails are used for a volleyball court?

you will obviously need a volleyball! and a volleyball net is needed. It depends on whether the court is outside or inside. if the court is inside, a gym at a school will most likely already have the lines painted on the floor. If the court is outside, a wire/rope can be spiked into the ground creating the playing area.

What is the ceiling height for an indoor volleyball court?

Where is a volleyball match held?

on a volleyball court

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