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Although he played division III, his record is so outstanding I think it is a good answer to this question. The best I can find is Bill Borchert, the QB at Mt. Union from 1994 thru 1997. His career TD/Int ratio was 141/17. His best season was 1997, at 47/1.

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Q: What is the all-time best touchdown to interception ratio for a quarterback in one season and over a career?
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Who has the best career touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history?

The quarterback that has the best career touchdown to interception ratio in NFL history is Aaron Rodgers. He has a ratio of 3. 62, and is also the highest rated quarterback of all time.

What is the alltime worst touchdown to interception ratio in the nfl?

Spergon Wynn threw 1 Touchdown and 7 Interceptions in his career. I'm pretty sure 1/7 ratio is the worst ever by. And the worst part is he was chosen before Tom Brady by the Cleveland Browns.

What quarterback has never thrown a interception in there career?

Jay cutler Bahaha XD

What quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in his career?

Brett Favre.

What is Aaron Rodger's touchdown to interception ratio?

132 touchdowns to 38 interceptions so far in his career

Most touchdown passes in a career by a non quarterback?

Frank Gifford with 14.

What quarterback threw a pass which resulted in Troy Brown's first career interception?

Drew Bledsoe

Which NFL quarterback threw the most interceptions returned for a touchdown career and season?

michael jordan

Has aaron rodgers ever thrown a pick six?

Aaron. Rodgers has ne'er thrown a interception returned for a touchdown in his NFL career. He only has had a fumble returned for a touchdown in the wildcard matchup in overtime at Arizona against the cardinals

Which NFL quarterback holds the record for most career touchdowns thrown?

Brett Favre holds the record with 464 touchdown passes.

For which school did quarterback Dan Marino play football?

Pittsburgh Panthers' Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino finished his 1979 to 1982 college career with Pitt having thrown 74 touchdown passes.

Which quarterback has thrown the most TD passes in NFL history?

Brett Favre currently holds this record having thrown 442 touchdown passes in his career.

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