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Q: What is the Reds record agains the Cubs?
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What is the professional record for soccer goals in one game?

40 goals agains 0 these was AUSTRALIA agains some other team

What was the Chicago Cubs record in 2008?

In 2008, the Chicago Cubs had a 97-64 record.

What was the Chicago Cubs record in 2012?

In 2012, the Chicago Cubs had a 61-101 record.

What was the Cincinnati Reds win-loss record in 1977?

In 1977, the Cincinnati Reds had an 88-74 record.

What is the current record for the Cincinnati Reds in 2011?

Through May 22, 2011, the Reds have a 25-22 record.

What is the Cubs vs Dodgers 2008 record?

5- 2 Cubs

What was the Chicago Cubs win and loss record in 2007?

The Cubs finished first in the NL Central with a 85-77 record.

Chicago Cubs win-loss record 1966?

The Cubs finished last in the National League in 1966 with a record of 59-103.

What is the overall win-loss record for the Chicago Cubs?

Through 2012, the Chicago Cubs all-time record is 10,372- 9,880.

What was the Cubs and Cardinals series record in 2005?

The Cubs won the series 10-6

What was the Cubs record vs. the Marlins 2007?

The Cubs were 0-6 vs. the Marlins.

What is the all time win loss record of the Chicago Cubs?

The all time record of the Cubs is 10586-10122, and their winning percentage is .511.

What is the Chicago Cubs all time record?

Through the 2010 season, the Chicago Cubs all-time franchise record is 10,240-9,688.

What is Cincinnati Reds record against St. Louis Cardinals?

Cards came out on top this year with a winning record against the Reds (8-7).

What is the Cincinnati Reds all-time win-loss record?

Through games played on April 27,2009 the Cincinnati Reds all time win/loss record is 9755-9472Through games played on June 11, 2008 the Reds franchise record is 9703-9412.Through the 2011 season, the Reds all-time record is 9,994-9,702.

What is the cubs vs pirates 2008 record?

The Cubs were 14-4 vs. the Pirates in 2008.

What is the brewers record vs the cubs in 2010?

The Cubs won the series nine games to six.

What was the cubs record of wins and loses in 1908?

The Cubs had 99 wins and 55 losses in 1908.

What is the Chicago Cubs win - loss record since May 31 2008?

After games played on May 31, the Cubs' record was 35-21. After games played on August 21, the Cubs' record is 77-49. That would make their record between the two dates 42-28.

What is the 2007 record Cubs marlins 2007?

The Cubs record was (85-77) (won NL Central Division title) The Marlins record was (71-91) When the teams played the record was (6-0) in the Marlins favor.

What is the team record of the Chicago Cubs?

116 wins

What time is the June 8th 2011 cubs game?

The Cubs play against the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati at 11:35 AM Central time.

What is the worst record the Cubs have ever had?

The Cubs worst winning percentage in a season is .364 by the 1962 and 1966 teams. Both teams had a record of 59-103.

How many games did the Cincinnati Reds win in 2011?

In 2011, the Cincinnati Reds had a 79-83 record.

What is is the Cincinnati Reds World Series record?

The Cincinnati Reds have won 5 World Series records.