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Leeds United - 38256

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Q: What is the Record attendance in English Coca Cola League 1?
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Highest ever attendance in a coca cola championship match?

highest ever attendance in the coca cola championship

What league are leeds united in?

Unfortunately, Coca-Cola League One, which is the 3rd tier of English football.

How many divisions in English soccer and what are they?

Premiership Championship Coca cola league 1 Coca cola league 2 Blue square premier blue square south

How many divisions are in English soccer?

There are 4 Professional divisions: Barclays Premier League, Coca-Cola Championship, Coca-Cola League One and Coca-Cola League 2. Any of the leagues just below, such as the Blue Square Bet Premier League (Conference) are semi-professional.

What football league do Ipswich Town play in?

They are in the Coca Cola Championship, the second tier of English Football.

What league are qpr in?

coca-cola league championship

What does un coca mean in english?

A Coca-Cola

What date will football season 2009 2010 start?

it begins on Saturday 8th August (for the Coca-Cola Championship, Coca-Cola League One, Coca-Cola League Two all begins except English premier league which starts 1 week later on Saturday 15th August.) the first game is at 12:45pm GMT fixtures will be released on the 17th of June 2009 at 10am London time or 7pm Melbourne time regular season will end on May 2 2010 for Coca-Cola Championship and May 8 2010 for Coca-Cola League 1 & League 2 the playoff finals at Wembley Stadium will be on for 2 weekends Coca-Cola Championship Play-Off Final will be on Saturday May 22 2010 the Coca-Cola League One Play-Off Final will be on Saturday May 29 2010 Coca-Cola League Two Play-Off Final will be on Sunday May 30 2009

What Leauge Are Wolsburg In?

The coca cola champions league

Who is top of the Coca-Cola league one?

Norwich City are the Champions of League One.

What is Coca-Cola lite in french?

Thats called Coca-cola light, as in English.

How many teams are there in the Coca-Cola championship league?


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