What Leauge Are Wolsburg In?

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The coca cola champions league

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Q: What Leauge Are Wolsburg In?
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FC Barcelona is in the Spanish Leauge, La Liga

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arsenal is the best in the champions leauge and premier leauge

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Well a group of people started sling EA for the leauge but a bit late to be included in fiffa12 but they are seriously considering it on fiffa13 and when it was disgusted they did say if we have the Irish leauge then the welsh should be there considering there very similar also the northen Irish leauge was disgusted but as far as the welsh leauge goes it will most likley be on fiffa13 not12 Llanelli AFC woo

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No because the All Star Game is players from all around the leauge AL (American Leauge), and the NL (National Leauge), so it doesn't count.

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To get to the MLB world seiries your team has to survive the playoffs and be the last national leauge team or American leauge

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