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the centre of an Archery target is called the gold . this is because it is gold in colour,all rings have a different colour.

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Q: What is the Name of center of archery target?
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In archery what color is the center target?

The centre of an archery target is GOLD

What is a target called in archery?

It is usually called a target but the center of it is called a bulls eye.

What is the special term when hitting the center of the target face in archery?


Which color is the center of the target in archery?

Usually red, yellow or black

What is the name for an archery target?

Block target or foam target or bullseye

What is the name of archery target ring?

The face ;)

In target archery how many points is the most inner part of a target worth?

On an NFAA indoor archery target the center, also known as the bull's eye, is worth 5 points. On a Vegas indoor target it is worth 10 points

What is the difference between field target and 3D archery?

Field target archery is when your in a field and your a long distance away from the target and 3D archery is like doing archery inside.

How are the rings arranged on an archery target?

The rings of an archery target are concentric circles.

What are some examples of Target Games?


How big is an Olympic archery target?

An Olympic archery target was about 1 kilometre big.

What is an example of a archery contestant showing good precision but poor accuracy?

Accuracy implies that there is no deviation from the desired result. Precision implies a consistent closeness to the desired result. An archery contestant whould show poor accuracy because the arrow is always off the target center. Good precision because it is always close to the target center.

Where is the archery target hidden in superbia?

If you mean the archery target for the brave task then it is in the trading post.

What is the name of the archery target?

The face. In medieval times the peasants would be called on to practice their archery in order to defend the castle should the need arise. The weapons master gave them a target which was painted to look like the faces of their enemies, thus earning it its name.

What do archery mean?

Archery is the sport where you shoot arrows at a target with a bow.

What are the rings in an archery target called?

A Target

What is target archery?

Answer it is shooting a arow at a target.

Which color ring surrounds the gold center of an archery target?

Red. The rings, from outside to inside of the target face, are: white, black, blue, red, and then gold. Red rings surround the gold center.

What are the types of archery?

Target Archery, Field Archery (UK - Bow Hunting in the USA), Flight Archery, Clout Archery and Popinjay. Refer GNAS Rules of shooting for full explanation.

Arrangement for rings in an archery target?

Concentric this is for the P.E. Packet of archery

What is the term missing the bull's eye in Archery?

The centre of the archery target is called the Gold.

What is a brief description of archery?

Archery is the sport of shooting at a target or hunting animals with a bow and arrow.

What starts with a T and is to do with archery?


What is anus meanings in archery?

the target

What is the alternate name for archery?

An alternate name for the Archery is Bowmanship, also, the love for Archery is called Toxophily.