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* Career Field Goals - 87 - Billy Bennett, Georgia (FBS) 2000-03 * Season Field Goals - 31 - Billy Bennett, Georgia (FBS) 2003

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Q: What is the NCAA football record for most field goals scored in one season?
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What is the record for consecutive field goals made in Division 1 college football?

Division I college football is the top tier of college football. The record for consecutive field goals made at this level is split into two categories. The most in a season is 25 by Chuck Nelson. The most in a career is 30 also by Chuck Nelson.

What is the most points scored in a single game by Wisconsin football?

3 Field goal

What is worth one point after a touchdown is scored in football?

After a touchdown is scored in American Football, the ball can be kicked through the Goal Post for an additional point. Usually called a Field Goal or PAT.

What is the record for most blocked field goals in a single season?


What is a extra point?

An extra point is a football term. It is the field goal made after a team has scored a touchdown.

Has there ever been a 5-8 football score?

In the NFL, there has been one 8-5 game. That was in the 1994 season when the Falcons defeated the Rams by the 8-5 score. The Falcons scored a TD followed by a 2 point conversion and the Rams scored a field goal and safety.

How is the score recorded in football?

Depend on the action taking place. Atouchdown is scored as 6 points, with the point after counting as 1. A field goal is scored as 3 points, and a safety is scored 2 points

How is the points scored in football?

You can make a touchdown for 6pts or you can make a field goal for 3 and you can make a 1pt conversion.

Who has scored the most goals in international field hockey?

Sohail Abbas holds the world record for the most goals scored in international hockey. He is reported to have scored 306 goals in his international career so far.

Who holds the record for the longest field goal in professionsl football?

Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos now holds the record for longest field goal. He kicked his record setting field 64 yard field goal 12/8/2013 vs. the Tennessee Titans.

What is the record for most home runs in a stadium in a single season where and how many?

i believe the record is 303 in 1999 at coors field

Who holds the record for most field goal attempts in a single season?

Most Field Goals Attempted, Season 52 David Akers, San Francisco, 2011

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