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The highest score is 132. If you can beat that, please notify me at

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Q: What is the highest score in Backyard Football for the Wii?
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a perfect score in 10 pin is 300, so the highest score in the wii ten pin would be the same

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200 points is the highest, I've done it before. I've Seen someone on YouTube have a video where they got a score of 645. I'm not making this up they really got a 645 score on Table Tennis return challenge The highest score you can get in Wii Sports Resort: Table Tennis Return is this... "999 Points!" :O

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it teaches you ballance, because you want the highest score possiable ( or lowest age possiable) you try your hardest, and while playing wii fit it helps correct your body posture

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Throw a shutout in season mode.

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Backyard Sports: Sandlot Sluggers is not available for PlayStation platforms only for Nintendo Wii and DS, Xbox 360, and the PC

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