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The record for most consecutive strikes in the United States Bowling Congress is 47 and that string included 3 consecutive 300 games. That answer doesn't address possible better strings in the international arena.

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Q: What is the Most perfect games bowled in a row?
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Who bowler has the most clean bowled in cricket?

Pasan Rajapakse. On a cricket Finals he bowled six wickets in a row and broke the middle stump into several pieces. Also he is being named for the bowler with no wides and 6 Hat-ricks

What is the third name for a strike called in bowling?

The third strike bowled in a row is usually called a Turkey.

What are the odds of bowling 18 straight strikes in pogo bowl?

You can bowl 18 strikes in a row in pogo bowl. You have to be good at the game. I bowled 30 in a row once.

Who has had the most hat tricks in a row?

There are three or four players with two games in a row, Alex Burroughs (canucks) just tied it. No player ever has three games in a row!

Who has won the most afl games in a row?

Essendon for sure

What soccer team has lost most games in a row?


Who has most 30 point games in row and how many?


Who played most afl games in a row?

Jim Stynes

Who played most afl games in a row and how many?

Jim Stynes 244 games.

Who won the Most regular season games in a row in the NFL?

Indianapolis Colts (2008-2009) won 23 regular season games in a row. The New England Patriots won the most games in a row, including the playoffs (21). The Canton Bulldogs had 25 games in a row without defeat in 1921-1923. Wrong the philadelphia eagles won like 28 games in 1982

What is the world record for the most games won in a row in freecell?

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What is the most difficult score to get in bowling?

292 requires 11 strikes in a row a 2 on the last ball. It has happened. 271 has probably never been bowled. It requires 1 in the first frame followed by 11 strikes.