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the ones in my ass

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Q: What is the Most dangerous hockey seats?
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How many seats are in the Nassau Coliseum?

16,234 seats for hockey

What is the most dangerous sport according to government survey?

Hockey or Mountain Climbing

Which is more dangerous ice hockey or motercross?

ice hockey

How many seats are in the consol energy center?

18,087 for hockey

How many people does the air canada centre hold?

Basketball 19,800 seats Hockey 18,800 seats Full house concerts 19,800 seats Theatre 5,200 seats

Which is more dangerous hockey or ice skating?

I would say hockey, but I'm not entirely sure.

What does on ice mean on hockey tickets?

it means seats like along the boards

Most of the people think that dangerous sports should be banned do you agree or disagree?

Disagree, all the way. Football, Hockey, Lax & Wrestling are dangerous & they are some of the most popular sports. I COMPLETELY disagree ( this MY opinion, anyways )

Seating capacity for Montreal Canadians?

Bell centre seats 21,272 for hockey games.

How do you play NHL hockey?

by smelling dangerous Dave's farts

Does a football stadium have more seats then a hockey arena?

In general, a hockey arena holds about 20, 000 seats (at the NHL level) whereas an NFL stadium is capable of holding much more than that. The smallest NFL stadium (by seating capacity) is Soldier Field in Chicago, with 61, 500 seats. The largest is FedExField in Washingtion, D.C. It's capacity is 91, 704 seats.

Why do some schools not have hockey?

Hockey is an expensive sport. It is also considered dangerous, which it is although in my opinion it all pays off.