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a bearing

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Q: What is that circle thing inside the skateboard wheel?
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What is a bearing on a skateboard?

the bearing is the thing inside the wheel that makes it spin and fit on the truck

How many bearings does a skateboard have?

a skateboard has 8 bearings. 2 bearings inside each wheel facing opposite ways inside each wheel

How tight do tighten your skateboard wheel?

on the inside of your wheel there is a little nut screwed to the bolt on the trucks, use a wrench to tighten that

What is inside skateboard wheels?

Bearings, They are in the metal wheel in the middle of the wheel to make it rotate around the truck axel. the wheels are usually solid if that's what your asking.

Skateboard wheel size?

The size of a skateboard wheel varies from 48 millimeters to 97 millimeters.

Can you change 3 wheel roking skateboard to 2 wheel roking skateboard?

No way. Its impossible

Is skateboard an example of wheel and axle machines?

Yes because on the bottom of the skateboard the wheel would be the wheel and the cylindrical metal part next to the wheel is the axle.

Is a skateboard a simple or compound machine?

The skateboard have wheel & axle and screw, the wheel is obvious the wheel and the axle is the truck and i think the screw is the hardware.

What is turning circle in car?

That would be the inside diameter of the circle created by turning the steering wheel completely left or right.

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?

To my belief and perspective, spitfire is the most sick, wiked, and most pop wheel for the skateboard.

What does 65mm mean on skateboard wheel?

the circumference of the wheel

Does power sliding your hurt your skateboard?

That depends on wheel hardness and strength. The only thing that can happen if you powerslide is your wheels can wear away in one spot making part of the wheel flat. If this happens, you wheels are ruined. Other than that powersliding cant really damage the rest of your skateboard.

What is the little metal thing between the bearings in a skateboard wheel?

Its for when you tighten your wheel on it reduces the risk for crushing the bearings by over tightening. It reduces the space the bearings have to budge. Hope this helped

What is a skateboard wheel made out of?


Why is a skateboard a wheel and axle?


What in skateboard is the number and A mean?

the hardness of the wheel. The higher the number, the harder the wheel will be :)

What is a berings from the skateboard?

Bearings? They are small round metal things that have little ball bearings inside (hence the name"Bearings"). They sit inside the middle of the wheel. When you are riding, bearings keep the wheel spinning when you aren't pushing the board so that you keep moving and don't stop abruptly.

How do you remove the bearings on a skateboard?

pop them out of the wheel

What simple machine is a skateboard?

a wheel and an axle

What is the pivot point on a counter balance forklift when turning?

The front wheel on the inside of the turning circle is the pivot point.

Skateboard wheels vary in thickness. What is the range of thickness for a standard polyuretane skateboard wheel?

any where from 49mm to 66mm

Do longboard wheels work on a skateboard?

Longboard wheels have a small hub, or core, inside it. Skateboard wheels also have this. This allows you to put bearings inside of both of them and can interchange what trucks you put on it. Generally, longboard wheels fit on normal skateboard trucks but a problem you will encounter is wheelbite. You may need to sand the board for wheel wells or put big risers on your board. Another solution is buying harder bushings for less turn and lean.

What is the best skateboard wheel?

Spitfire or Hubba or ricta

What size is the smallest skateboard wheel?

riding on bearings

What is center of a wheel or circle?

The center of a wheel or circle is called a hub.