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Two bearings hold each wheel of a skateboard to the axle. These bearings are generally made out of steel. On some more expensive models, they may be made from silicon nitride, which is a ceramic.

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Q: Skateboard bearings are usually made of what type of metal?
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What are skateboard bearings made out of?


What are skateboard wheel bearings made of?

they are usually made of steel, though silicon nitride, a high-tech ceramic, is sometimes used.

What are skateboard trucks made of?

metal :)

What are the wheels on a skateboard made out of plastic or metal?

Neither, they are made out of urethane.

What parts is a skateboard made of?

the skateboard is made of 1. the deck 2. the trucks 3. the wheels 4. the bearings. do u need me to explain every part? cuz i will

What is a skateboard made out of?

A skateboard is made out of multiple layers of ply-wood. 7-Ply skateboard are the most common. The ply is usually made of maple.

What is the price for a costom made skateboard?

usually 150 smackaroonies

Is skateboard a solid matter?

Yes, more or less. Except for any grease, it is a collection of solid matter. It is not a liquid nor a gas. The body is made out of wood, fiberglass, or some sort of composite material. The frames for the wheels are made out of aluminum or some alloy (metal). Then the wheels are made out of some sort of rubber or plastic. Then there are bearings, screws, and nuts, and those are made out of steel or other metal. So for the most part, a skateboard is made from solid matter.

Infomation about the skateboard?

idk what your actually asking but theres the deck(made from hardrock Canadian maple) the trucks, bearings, and wheels hope this helps

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How are bearings made?

SkateB=board bearings are made with stainless steel or metal, but the persission of the wheels go the opisite, if the wheel is 5, then it will go slower, if it is 3, it will go faster.

What materials are skateboard trucks made from?

- matrial of common trucks is metal - 100€/truck for titanium trucks

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Different kinds of plastic usually. A harder shell, then a softer liner.

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What is the best skateboard brand ever made?

Board: Hook Ups Trucks: Independent Wheels: Spitfire Bearings: Nachi It's all personal opinion dude. Whatever.

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