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A child can start swimming at around the age of 3. It's easier for them to learn quickly and gives them something fun to do.

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Q: What is swimming info for a child?
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How to Choose The Right Swimming Aid For Your Child's Swimming Lesson?

If your child is learning to swim, choosing which swimming aids to buy them for their swimming lessons can be overwhelming. There are so many choices out there, but which one is right for your child? This guide will help you to choose the right swimming aid for your needs and abilities. -Step 1: Where will your child be swimming? If your child will be swimming in a pool, they will need less aid then if they are swimming in perhaps the ocean. If this is the case, they will need at least a float jacket to ensure their safety. Once you’ve decided where your child will be swimming, you can choose the aid. -Step 2: Choose a swimming aid If your child is going to be in a swimming pool, then arm bands are a good place to start. Arm bands are inflatable bands that go around your child’s arms to keep them afloat, and although they have been around for years they are still a popular choice. If your child is too young for arm bands, then buy them an inflatable swim seat. As long as they are supervised at all times, these inflatable seat are a good way to get your child used to the water before starting swimming lessons. If you just want your child to get used to being in the water, try a rubber ring. They can’t really swim with them, but if they are old enough, it will keep them afloat. Older children can use a swim float, these colorful fun floats are made from foam and the children can hold on to them as they learn to swim, preventing them from going under the water. Other options include swimming belts and large foam links. -Step 3: Find a good price There are lots of places to buy swimming aids and swimming toys online, you can buy them quite cheaply. But remember when buying cheap swimming aids, that quality does count. You need to be sure they are safe for your child to use. -Step 4: Buy your aid Buy the swimming aid, or combinations of aids, you have chosen to help your child learn to swim, and then try them on before you go to the swimming pool or sea. You need to be sure they work well before you get there. Check for punctures or any other problems. Remember, a child always needs to be supervised in the water, especially during a swimming lesson, even with all the swimming aids you buy. Soon you child will love the water, and be happy to learn to swim.

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How to Prepare Your Child for His or Her First Swimming Lesson?

Learning how to swim is a great experience for many children. Not only will your little one have the opportunity to splash in the pool with other kids and enjoy the cool water of the pool during hot summer days during summer vacation from school, but he or she will also learn a valuable skill that can help him or her have fun for many summers to come. Swimming lessons can also help your child be prepared in the event of an emergency, and your child's swimming training might actually save his or her life sometime in the future. However, your child might be a little bit nervous about his or her first swimming lesson, and you might be a little nervous about the situation as well. This doesn't mean that you should cancel or put off your child's first swimming lesson, however. Instead, it simply means that you should follow a few steps to prepare yourself and your little one for this very first swimming lesson. First of all, make sure that you find the right swimming coach for your child's first swimming lesson. There are a lot of coaches and classes out there, but not all of them are created equally. If you work hard to find the right coach for your little one, you will feel better about your child's safety and the overall experience of this first swimming lesson. Your child can also learn a lot more from a swimming instructor who is properly trained and qualified. Next, you should purchase a few items for your child to wear and carry to his or her swimming lesson. For instance, make sure that your child has a comfortable swimsuit that isn't too large or small; this can help your child stay focused on his or her lesson instead of messing with an ill-fitting swimsuit. Also, make sure to send your child along with a towel or two. You can also ask your swim instructor if your child will need anything else for the first day of his or her swimming lessons; for instance, you might need to send your child with a snack and drink, or the swimming instructor might want your child to start out with floatation devices that fit snugly on his or her arm.

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A suitable age to start swimming depends on the individual child; however, by 14 months, a child can learn to swim. Technically a child can learn to swim before then, but to be safe 14 months is recommended. This way, the child's verbal skills have been developed enough to express or show signs of being uncomfortable in the water.

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