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In Basketball, a substitution is when one player goes in for another.

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Q: What is substitution in basketball?
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When can a substitution be made in basketball?

when your in a stoppage of the game and you take a player out

When one player comes out and another goes in what is it called for basketball?


What are the substitution rules in basketball?

Substitutions are rolling and can be made during a break in play.

What is the Definition of substitution?

substitution menthod

How is a substitution made in basketball?

you walked to the scores table and sit down so they can still see and wait till the ref tells you it is aloud to come in

What is a sentence using the word substitution?

I can give you several sentences.Use that ingredient as a substitution for the one you don't have.He is going in as a substitution for the quarterback.This is a substitution for the real thing.Margarine could be used as a substitution.

How do you use a weighted basketball?

A weighted basketball is typically used as a substitution for a medicine ball in iplyometric drills and for strength training exercises. Some common excercises include Medicine Ball Squats, Core Exercises, and Circular Drills.

What is a substitution for eggs when baking?

There is no substitution for eggs when cooking

Which of the following is not a gene mutation inversion or substitution?


What is Marginal Rate of Substitution?

marginal rate of substitution

Use substitution in a sentence?

That cheap imitation was a poor substitution. I hope the coach has a good substitution for our injured quarterback.

What is Definition marginal rate of substitution?

marginal rate of substitution

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