What is sports in Latin?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: What is sports in Latin?
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What is the Latin for the word sports?


What Latin American sports do America not play?

chinese chess

What sports are played in latin America?

soccerThey love soccer and many other aka soccer2. baseball3. basketball4. amercian football

What are three sports in Latin America?

Futbol (Soccer) , Baseball, and Cricket.

What sports do both Latin Americans and North Americans play?

Baseball and soccer.

What is the Latin translation of the word friendship through sports?

Amicitia per ludum.

What is the mascot for Boston latin school or academy?

The mascot is Baldwin the Eagle.

What activities do the Latin Jugadoras engage in?

It's means " players " , so if it isn't a sports team , it's a gang of girls.

How did they make the name for all sports?

It either comes from the person who invented it or it should be a base/ root word from greek or latin.

What sports does Carlos Pena Jr. do?

Carlos Pena is a first baseman for the Texas Rangers.

Where does the sports of dudo come from?

Dudo is a dice game from Peru, Chile and Bolivia. It is also played in other Latin American countries.

Any professional sports teams with international training camps?

yes, many baseball teams have training camps in Latin America.