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Baseball and soccer.

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Q: What sports do both Latin Americans and North Americans play?
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Does Egypt comes under Latin America or North America?

Egypt is quarter way around the globe from both Latin and North America. It is located in north Africa.

What does the encyclopedia mean when it says most latin Americans are christians?

When the encyclopedia says most Latin Americans are Christians, it means that the predominant religion in Latin America is Christian. This region generally includes both South America and Central America.

Some latin Americans resented the foreign policies of presidents roosevelt and Taft because both leaders?

sent troops to latin america.

After the Revolution did Americans made a strong effort to abolish slavery in both the North and South?

Only in the North

What inspired nationalist movements in Latin America?

Both the French Revolutions and the American Revolutions inspired this act. The Revolutions mostly inspired the Latin Americans to gain independence as both the revolutions are an act of independence.

What lands in North Americans did both England and Spain claim?

In Mexico (OK)

What territories in Texas were derived from Native Americans?

Every bit of both North and South America were taken from or derived from Native Americans.

Where were the Native Americans from?

Native Americans were the first to live in N. America and they migrated from Siberia. ANSWER: Native Americans were the first people to live in the America's both north and south.

In north america How did native Americans participate in European colonial wars between Britain and France?

Different Native Americans fought for both the French and the British.

What was the primary reason many African Americans migrated to the North both during and after ww1?

racism and discrimination had been eliminated in the north

What was the result of Europes settlement of North America?

The cultures of both Europeans and Native Americans were changed.

What part of Latin America is Mexico in?

It is on the northern part of Latin America, bordering both the United States to the north, and the Central American nations of Belize and Guatemala, to the south.

Why did most Americans die in the civil war then in almost all of your wars combined?

Both sides, North and South, were considered Americans. So the total number of deaths were all Americans.

What regions are Mexico and Gautemala in?

Mexico is in North America; Guatemala is in Central America. Both are part of Latin America.

Who built the first American boat?

Native Americans, both north and south America, built boats.

How did the war affect the economies of both north and south?

Congress allowed African-Americans to serve in the Union Army.

Do the Germans play the same sports the English do?

yes, they both play sports such as football but then they both have different sports

What were the similarities and differences between North Korea and US regarding citizen rights?

we both play sports and eat sushi

Why is Mexico a part of both north Amrica and Latin America?

Latin America is a cultural region that includes all languages derived from ancient Latin, including Spanish, Portuguese and French. Hence, Mexico belongs to Latin America as per cultural reasons. North America is a geographical region that includes Canada, the United States (commonly misnamed as "North America" or "America"), Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Hence, Mexico belongs to North America for geographic reasons.

What is the Latin translation for the word creater in Latin?

Creator is both the English and the Latin word.

What does football and baseball have in common?

They both use a ball. They are both team sports, not individual sports.

How did the americans win the civil war?

They did not win we lost it buy a lot something like 600000 dead on both sides north and south so Americans lost no matter how you look at it

Why is Mexico part of both North America and latin America?

Geographically Mexico is on the North American subcontinent (not to be confused with the United States, as it is usually known). Culturally speaking, Mexico is part of Latin America, as it shares many common traits such as language, religion an general traditions to other countries in Latin America, such as Cuba, Peru or Argentina.

What sports do Swedish people play?

Football (or as americans call it, soccer) is the most popular sport in sweden then we have ice hockey and floorball which are both popular as well.

How do you say fantastic in latin?

Fantastic is the same in both English and Latin.