What is special about tennis?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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the size of the court changes if your playing one on one or two on two

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Q: What is special about tennis?
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What special rules are in tennis?

Some special rules made in tennis is that if the ball bounces on your box you will be out.

Are tennis balls safe for puppies?

not for puppies, they use them for big dogs, if u want a tennis ball for youre puppy go to a pet store and buy special tennis balls

What special thing happens on may?

In France it's when they play tennis a lot! :)

What level of fitness do you require if you are a referee in tennis?

Nothing physically special, except good eye sight and a very good knowledge of the rules of tennis.

How do you get gilius on Sega superstars tennis?

get 9million points then beat dr eggman on special stage

How many chibi episodes are in the prince of tennis?

The Prince of Tennis anime has three chibi episodes:88. Prince of Tennis Special!115. Baseball Game Filled With Men165. The TeniPuri Family Goes to Hawaii?! Christmas with the TeniPuri Family

How do you use special attacks in dream table tennis in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games?

to use special attacks press the B button just as you hit it

What cheer do french yell at tennis?

It's mostly ohs and ahs, like in English. No special cheer.

What do you get when you are a pro on the Wii?

Well, it all depends on what sport you are playing. In bowling: You get a sparkling ball. In boxing: you get golden gloves. In Golf: you don't get anything special. In tennis: you don't get anything special. In baseball: You don't get anything special.

What are Li Jia Wei's special qualities?

She finished fourth in the 2004 Olympic Games in women's singles table tennis.

What happens to autographs on screens after players win tennis matches?

The cameraman uses special wipes to clean the player's autographs off.

Which sport does Egypt people play?

I don't think that there is a special sport but people love football(soccer), squash, handball and tennis