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Soccer tennis is when you have a tennis net and you volley a soccer ball with your feet over the net to the other player. Whoever messes up or hits the net losses a point.

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Q: What is soccer tennis?
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Percentages of the sport tennis ans soccer in teens?

In soccer the percentage is 27% and in tennis it is 20%

What is more dangerous soccer or tennis?

probably soccer!

Which sport has better athletes soccer or tennis?

Tennis,all the way!! Tennis is for richer people and Soccer is for dirty people because you get dirty and in tennis you show your intellegence

What is better tennis or soccer?

Tennis is better than soccer because: it's less dangerous, you may trip people in soccer, you get dirty in soccer, you were dumb shoes in soccer, and soccer is just not that cool. I hope you enjoyed my answer.

Which bounce higher tennis ball or soccer ball?

Tennis balls.

What has Mexico won medals in?

soccer and tennis

What is popular sports in Germany?


What sport keeps you fittest?

Soccer and tennis

What is popular sports in spain?


What sports have boundary lines that are in?

soccer and tennis

Which is heavier football or tennis ball?

A football weighs more than a tennis ball.

Is a hectare roughly equal to 2 tennis courts or to 2 soccer fields?

is a hectare roughly equal to 2 tennis courts or 2 soccer fields

What are the different kinds of sports in the Philippines?

badminton table tennis soccer tennis volleyball

What ball bounces the hightest out of a Tennis ball basketball and a soccer ball?

a bsket ball bounces hightest then come a tennis ball and then a soccer ball

Does tennis help burn more fat than soccer?

It depends. If you have a tennis player that likes to hit away from you, then it is definitely more tiring than soccer. If you have a tennis player that hits right at you, soccer is more tiring as you are ding more running, and burns more fat. If you don't run during soccer, for example, if you are the goalie, tennis burns more.

What sport do you have to have space in?

Baseball, football, soccer, and tennis.

Which sports come from England?

Cricket, tennis and soccer.

How is baseball and soccer alike?

How is Baseball and Tennis alike?

What things popular in France?

Tennis and football (soccer).

The favorite sports in El Salvador are?

soccer and tennis

What is Bennelong's favorite sports?

Tennis, Football, & Soccer

What sports did the Netherlands play?

Soccer baseball and tennis

What sports are played on a field?


What are two popular Spanish sports?

soccer and tennis

What are the main sports in Costa Rica?

Soccer and Tennis.