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Skateboarding is and intensive sport at which you use a wooden board, (skateboard) wheels, trucks, ball bearings, bushings, or you can use riser pads. There are two types of skateboarding techniques which are vert and street skating. The following explains these two types: Vert- A type of skateboarding in which you skate on ramps, half-pipes, full-pipes, quarter-pipes, and most uneven grounds. Street- A type of skateboarding in which you skate on curbsides, rails, stairs, gaps, and most flat grounds. There are many "tricks" to skateboarding. Some of the tricks include the ollie, kickflip, heelflip, pop-shuvit, and varial flips. It's the process of which you Skate, whilst Standing on a Board, Hence the term, Skateboarding.

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Q: What is skateboarding?
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