What is scratch golf?

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A scratch Golfer is someone who has a handicap of 0.

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is someone who has a handicap of 0.

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Q: What is scratch golf?
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With which sport is the term scratch associated?


What does off stick in golf mean?

playing off scratch

What is a expert golfer called?

A golf "pro" A scratch player

What has the author Peter Alliss written?

Peter Alliss has written: 'The duke' 'Lazy golfer's companion' 'Play better golf' 'Golf master classes' -- subject(s): Golf 'A golfer's travels with Peter Alliss' -- subject(s): Golf, Celebrities 'Learn golf the easy way from scratch ... to Scratch'

What is a junior scratch cup in golf?

a golf competiton for handicaps of 5-10 (4.5-10.4) lowest score wins

Are disqualified players include in calculation of competition scratch score in golf?

TOM North will know

How expensive is Scratch Gold merchandise?

Scratch Gold merchandise refers to items that can be won with scratch tickets. This is a form of gambling or lottery. If the ticket scratched is a winner, the merchandise won is extremely cheap. However if the ticket loses, there may be the temptation to keep trying and the merchandise may become very expensive, very quickly. If the question is about Scratch Golf merchandise. This is golf apparel and equipment sold in a retail store that provides extensive choice at competitive prices.

What is near mint condition golf ball?

A near perfect golf ball would be one that has maybe been used for only a handful of holes, with maybe a small blemish like a scratch or something on it.

If your 18 hole golf scores are always 4 under par what would your handicap be?

Depends what the standard scratch or slope rating is, could be +1 - +4.

Scratch a scratch?

Scratch and scrimp

Brand name golf clubs?

Taylormade, Cobra, Titleist, Adams, Scratch, Muira, Bridgestone, Ping, Srixon, Wilson, Yes, Rife, Scotty Cameron and more.

What is the Single handicap in golf?

It refers to a player who has a handicap of 1-9, a player who plays of 0 is known as scratch and a player who plays of + would be known as a plus handicapper.

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