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1st if your in a team in any sport and practice, you will be better at it and 2nd it will strength your muscles and be healthy

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2012-11-07 01:01:59
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Q: What is practicing A Sport Builds The Person's Character And Body?
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How can sport change the world?

Among other things it allows people to have rivalry and competition without resorting to violent conflict.

How can sports make you stronger?

Sports builds muscles. It depends what sport you play because each sport builds different muscles.

How do you get better at a sport?

by practicing/traning hard

How will having a girlfriend affect your sport?

You will want to be with her rather then practicing as you should for your sport.

How do you get to be the best tennis player?

just like any other sport practicing. In this case a lot of practicing.

Why play football?

Because it's the best sport in the whole world! It builds confidence and character and nothing's better than having the spotlight in a good game and the thrill of out-running your man.

How do you get really good at sport aerobics?

keep practicing and work hard. :)

How does a persons personality effect their sport?

playing sport will define person physical fitness

Why is volleyball the greatest sport ever invented?

Because it is a sport that teaches logic, and builds upper body strength, and you dont have to run.

Why Do People take part in Sport?

Basically, to win. Otherwise, for the social interaction and networking. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The definition of health is: Health is physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Taking part in sport can contribute to all of these. Practicing sport not only keeps you fit and healthy, but it can also contibute to the social aspect too. Practicing with others allows for interaction with people, keeping you socially healthy. Sport can also help your mental wellbeing, as practicing sport can improve your self esteem if you win, and improve your determination if you don't.

How can you be good at soccer?

You can be good at soccer by practicing ball work as well as fitness and loving the sport.

What sport is best exercise cross country skiing or swimming?

Cross country and swimming. Swimming builds upper body. Cross country builds leg muscle

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