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What equipment is used in football?

The equipment used in football is a football

When was Peninsula Power Football Club created?

Peninsula Power Football Club was created in 2000.

When was Newcomb Power Football Club created?

Newcomb Power Football Club was created in 1975.

When was the white football was first used for official games?

2003 but it is only used in arena football and used to be used in canadien football

Is the football used in arena football bigger than the football used in the nfl?

No the football used in Arena football is the same size as those used in the NFL. This has helped some make the switch from Arena Football to the NFL and vice versa.

What sports do you use power in?

the sport you use power in is Football

What football is used in an NFL game?

a football

What football ball used for?

to play football.

How has football changed since 1960 to this day?

Since 1960, soccer has changed from skill football to power football. Gone are the days when individual brilliance set the fortune of the match. Nowdays, Dutch and German teams believe in power football ,which is tough in nature, and necessiates heavy endurance power.

How did football used to to be played?

in ancient china football used to played by Buddhist.

What sports use muscle power?


Who was the first sub used in English football?

when were subs first used in English football

Is steroids used more in baseball or football?


Is it true Dhoni used to play football?

Yes, Dhoni used to play football. He played football before he played cricket.

How does football relate to football?

Because football and football relate to each other because football is like football because in football a ball you kick with your foot (football) is used in both football and football.

Is football an adverb?

No. The word football is a compound noun, for a ball game or the ball used in it. It can be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns as in football game, football team, and football trophy.

How do you throw a football deep?

The same way you throw a football normally, just with more power.

Do women play American football?

they play a little thing called power puff football

What sport do you need power in?

Tennis,Football,Rugby,Baseball,Nf Every Sport You Need Power In Love:Rose-Annxxx naaa, you don't need power in football or tennis, that's speed :) x

Why is power important in football?

because u need to be able to kick the ball with power

What is football called in England?

"American football" is what football is called in England. This is because the names "associated football" and "football" are already used for soccer.

Which specific word is used for football?

A football is called a "pigskin".

What size football is used in JV American football?

this big

What sport is power used in?

Power is often used in sports which require much physical strenth for a certain amount of time. Some examples may be American Football, Wresling, Weightlifting, and even recreational sports/activities such as Tug-o-War.

What are the difference between American football and Spanish football?

In American football it is rougher , so helmets, padding are used. The Amereicans use both hand and legs , but in football hands can not be used.

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