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to play football.

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Q: What football ball used for?
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What is Gaelic football made of?

A Gaelic Football ball is a leather ball, similar to the ball used in soccer.

Is football an adverb?

No. The word football is a compound noun, for a ball game or the ball used in it. It can be used as a noun adjunct with other nouns as in football game, football team, and football trophy.

What is the shape of Gaelic football?

The ball used in Gaelic Football is round.

What was the first ball used in playing volleyball?

a football/soccer ball

Which ball was used in Football World Cup 2010?

In the 2010 world cup a Adidas ball called the Jabulani ball was used.

How is flexibility used in football?

flexibility is used in football because you need to dive for the ball to save a shot

What is an oval leather ball used in some kind of sport?

Ah, the classic pigskin! This ball if known as a football, or pigskin. It is the central item used to play the sport of football.

Is the football used for kickoffs different from the game ball?


How does football relate to football?

Because football and football relate to each other because football is like football because in football a ball you kick with your foot (football) is used in both football and football.

What is a ball for?

A ball can be a toy.

What is the method used to put the ball in play in football?


What sports are hinge joints used for?

in football when your about to kick the ball you have to flex and extend your allows you to bend and straighten (flexion and extension) the joint, for example, when kicking a ball in football, you bend your leg in preparation and then straighten your leg to kick the ballyour hinge joint is used in foot ball when kicking the ball

When was the modern shape of the football established?

The shape of the football was changed from the shape used in rugby to a prolate spheroid in 1897. Cllick on the 'History of the Football' link below to read about the evolution of the ball used in American football.

Who used the first soccer ball?

The specification of the first football were laid down in 1872. The first footballs were used by Football association who played at that time.

Who first used the soccer ball?

The specification of the first football were laid down in 1872. The first footballs were used by Football association players at that time.

What ball is used in college football?

the ball which is used is the a ball in shaped in circel and is skin colour which most guys have. Which tarra likes and michelle and emily they love them xxoxoxoxo

What is the difference between the ball used in college football games and the NFL games?

college ball is a little smaller

What are six skills used in football?

passing bat ball running

Why does an NCAA football have stripes and not an NFL football?

Stripes around the ends of a football were used initially to help locate the ball during night games.

When punting which will ball go farther a NFL football or a college football?

It really doesn't matter which football is used, it only matters how hard you kick it.

What is the cost of a football used by professional football teams?

Same as normal they just pay a bit more to have the 2 football teams name on the ball.

Who invented the shape of the football?

The football was round at first like an ball, but i don't know how it became the shape it is today! The ball used in American football was modeled after the rugby ball. Rugby originally used a round ball, but it gradually flattened out into an egg shape, which allowed for easier handling and carrying. The rugby ball was at this stage of development when American football came along. The modern rugby ball is still a little fatter than the modern football and more rounded at the ends to allow for good bounces on dropkicks. After the forward pass was legalized, the American ball gradually became skinnier and pointier at the ends. These design changes made the ball more aerodynamic and easier for the thrower to handle.

What is the difference between a kicking football and a throwing one?

A kicking football is essentially a brand new football that is fresh out of the package. A throwing football is a "broken in" ball that is more used and easier to handle.

Why do you call football football?

You call it football because you play with ball and kick the ball

Was there ever a white football used by the NFL?

Yes - in the 1950s a whit ball was used for night games. The ball aided in visibility for the players and the TV audience.