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In many sports, players switch between offense and defense very quickly.

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because they are all one

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Q: What is one reason why it is often hard to distiguish between defensive and offensive?
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What is one reason why it is often hard to distinguish between offensive and defensive players?

In many sports, players switch between offense and defense very quickly.

Why do defensive linemen have to put one hand on the ground in the NFL game?

They don't, there is no rule that states they have to. One reason the defensive lineman gets in a three point stance (one hand on the ground) is to put him on the same level as the offensive lineman, who also is in a three point stance. One of the keys of being able to keep the offensive lineman from controlling a defensive lineman is for the defensive lineman to have a lower center of gravity. If the offensive lineman can get low on a defensive lineman he can pretty much move him anywhere he wants. This is particularly important on running plays where the offensive line is to trying to open a 'hole' for the running back to run through.

What are the characteristics of a defensive person?

A defensive person: #Never likes to be proved wrong #always needs the reason to argue

What is the difference between aggressive and defensive snakes?

Defensive species often refuse to bite if at all possible - preferring to flee rather than stand up to a potential threat. Aggressive snakes will threaten to bite at the earliest opportunity - often readily striking for no reason other than you are reasonably close to the animal

Why was so much of World War 1 dominated by trench warfare?

World War I was dominated by trench warfare for one reason: it was effective in stopping the enemy's attacks. That is to say, defensive technology and tactics were, during this conflict, far more effective than offensive technology and tactics. It would not be until World War II that offensive developments broke through the trench-warfare deadlock.

Before a defensive team can rush the quarterback how many secounds did i make you wait?

0 seconds. You blitz him no matter what. That reason for the lineman.

What was the main reason there were so many casualties in world war i?

Defensive weapons killed thousands of troops attacking enemy positions.

What are some fouls that happen during a basketball game?

Offensive, defensive, technical, and flagrant. Offensive is when your team has the ball and is trying to score and someone on your team fouls a defensive player. Defensive is the opposite of offensive. Technical is when a player or is being unsportsmanlike to a player, coach, or ref. If you are T'd up (called for a technical foul) twice, you are ejected from the game and may receive fines or suspensions depending on how often you get technical fouls and the reason you got the technical foul. Flagrant is intentionally fouling a player very hard, typically resulting in injury/ies. Examples are stopping a layup by checking someone with your body (imagine Shaquille O'Neal colliding with Steve Nash and think of the impact). If the flagrant foul is bad enough, it can become a flagrant 2. If you get a flagrant 2 you are ejected immediately.

Which NFL coaches are known to sport headphones on the sidelines?

Most NFL coaches now sport headphones. Some coaches found to sport the headphones are Jack Del Rio, John Gruden, and Charles Weis just to name a few. The reason is simple. The coaches can coach from the sidelines, but they need assistants to tell them what is going on from an offensive and defensive point of view.

What caused the inordinate loss of troops for the Confederacy whether it was on the offensive or defensive?

The answer to this involves both opinions and relativity concerning the losses incurred by Confederate forces in the US Civil War. Part of the answer also involves siege warfare conducted by Union armies. Even when the South held strategic defensive positions, it many times resulted in a Union victory. The list includes the siege of Petersburg which Robert E. Lee predicted would end in June of 1864. In speaking with General Jubal Early, Lee stated after the Battle of Cold Harbor, that the South must seriously damage Grant's forces before it gets to the James River. If the Union reaches the James, then it will result in a siege and then a mere matter of time.When Southern manpower was lost through surrender in a siege situation it was factored into the relative cost of offensive and defensive strategies. The latter looked by far the more attractive than many historians would had have it. The basic reason was this; in a defensive mode, the Confederates would need to mount a counter offensive in order to retain their fortifications. This the result was comparing offensives to other forms of offensives, derived from defense.

Can your parents take your defensive driving certificate and driving record to court if you can't make it?

Yes, but only if you have a legally valid reason why you can't make it to court. That reason would probably have to be medical in nature, unless you have been taken captive by terrorists, which would also be a pretty good reason.

Why did so many battles on the western front lead to stalemates?

During World War I, the vast majority of the battles on the Western Front led to stalemates for one fundamental reason: offensive technology and tactics were outdated and ineffective, while defensive technology and tactics were advanced and effective. It would not be until World War II that the offense would again overtake the defense on battlefields.