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Buckeye tree leaf

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Q: What is on the pride stickers of Ohio State?
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How does an Ohio State player earn the stickers on their helmets?

By shagging hot chicks-

How do the Ohio State players get the stickers on their helmets?

They get one for each big play they are in.

Florida state tomahawk helmet stickers?

They are pride decals:

What are the stickers on the Ohio state helmet?

Many factors cause John and Lorraine party to get out of control which was the final cause

Which teams in college football have helmet stickers?

I am a student at Michigan State and the defensive players get small "s" stickers. It's only the defensive players though. I'm pretty sure Ohio State does. I think Michigan used to in the 80's. Florida State has tomahawk stickers. NC State wolfpack has paw print stickers. Oklahoma State - a cowboy Ohio State - a buckeye leaf Lousiville - a cardinal head Pitt - a tooth Florida State - a thomahawk Missouri - tiger paw Arizona - wildcat paw Hawaii - diamond North Carolina -tarheel logo There are many more that I can't remember. Oklahoma State and Arizona no longer do it and I don't think Missouri does it anymore either. Gerioga does a dog bone. Clemson does a paw. I believe BYU and Vandy have just started using pride stickers. Prude and E. Carolina also do it.

How many division one schools give out pride stickers?


Who started the football helmet stickers?

The College Football Final Crew, Lou Holtz, Mark May, and Rece Davis

On the helmets of the osu buckeyes what do their stickers mean?

The Buckeye leaf stickers are earned by players for their play on the field every time their team wins a game. They start out with clean helmets at the beginning of the season and the more stickers you see on a helmet, the more that player has played during a winning game.

How do BYU football players get their pride stickers?

from big plays or just when big plays happen

Where do the stickers stand for on Ohio plates?

the stickers stand for each of the 88 counties in Ohio for example Ashland county is number 3 Richland, number 70 They are in alphabetical order. they are to be placed in the left lower corner of the plate.

What type of car bumper stickers are not legal?

The legality of car bumper stickers varies from state to state and country to country. Technically stickers that could be catagorised as offensive, such as racist, swearing etc may be illegal.

What us state has the most pride?

There really is no such state that has the most pride.