What is offsides lacrosse?

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A Lacrosse team must have a minimum of three players, plus the goalie, on their defensive half of the field at all times. Sometimes, a defenseman will carry the ball across midfield and into the offensive zone. If another player, usually a midfielder, does not take his place by remaining in the defensive zone, then offsides will be called.

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Q: What is offsides lacrosse?
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What are the differences between box lacrosse and field lacrosse?

: There are tons of differences. You can start with where you play, obviously, field or an arena. The defensemens sticks are different lengths(field lacrosse defenders have 6 foot long sticks, box defenders have normal sticks), the size of the nets and the goalies.6 by 6 feet in field, 4 by 4 in box. Size of the goalies,full padding in box with little room to shoot at, or field, where the only difference between the goalie and the players is the stick.The fact that there are offsides in field lacrosse, there are no offsides in box. etc. : I'm bored so im not going to list any more, but i could go on for pages on how they are different.

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What is offsides?

Offsides in American football occurs when any part of a defender's body is beyond the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. It is a five yard penalty.

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Offsides occur when an attacking player is past the second to last defender when the ball is played, and that person as the opportunity to affect the play.

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