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The Offensive Team is the one in possession of the ball.

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Q: What is offensive team in flag football?
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What is an interception in flag football?

An interception in flag football involves the possession of the ball being stolen from the offensive team by the defensive team. Specifically, an interception involves a defensive player catching a ball intended to be caught by an offensive player.

What does offensive line do while playing flag football?

The offensive line is suppose to protect the quarterback.

What football team has a flag on their helmet?

Tampa bay bucaneers

In football what is flag guarding?

Flag guarding is when the player with the ball intentionally guards his flag by hitting or slapping the defensive players hand away from the offensive player's flag.

What part of a football team compare to a lysosome?

Offensive line

What happens in overtime in flag football?

The first team that scores wins.

How many players on each team of flag football?


How many people are in a flag football team?

in flag the people reuse postions, so around 20

What actors and actresses appeared in Epic Flag Football - 2012?

The cast of Epic Flag Football - 2012 includes: Jeremy Driver as Football Player - Team Black Aaron Geiger as Football Player - Team White Jenna Hale as Pregnant Quarterback Mary Vaughan as Football Player - Team White Benjamin Walter Jones as Referee Brandon Westbrook as Football Player - Team White Austin Wiseman as Football Player - Team White Henry Xavier Smith as Football Player - Team Black

There is usually only one of these on the field for the offensive team in football?


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