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gets on well with all players!!

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Q: What is nice guy coach in netball?
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What does a netball coach do?

Teaches netball

What are the roles and responsibilities of a coach in netball?

A netball coach is responsible for training the team.

What can we give your netball coach as a present?

you could give a netball uniform

Most famous netball coach?

the new zealand coach

What does the coach do in netball?

Coaches the team :-)

How old do you have to be to be a netball coach?

well i think u have to be 12. my niece is 12 and she is looking in to be a netball coach. she says that u can be 12. well good luck in ur job as a netball coach xxx

Is there an age limit netball for?

yes when you are 50 you will need to quit netball or you can be a coach

Can a netball coach be ejected from a game?


Who is the coach of the NZ netball team?

Ruth aitken

How hard do you have to train in netball?

As hard as your coach wishes

What does a coach do in netball game?

The coach chooses who plays and who comes off at half time.

How do you become a netball coach?

Speak to your local netball association. Every place have their own rules about how you can become a netball coach. Sometimes it requires you to do a coaching clinic and other times you just put your hand up. It also would depend on the level of the team you are wanting to coach.

Is a coach allowed to talk to the umpires during a game of netball?

no they are not

What is the roles and responsibilities of a coach in netball?

In netball, a coach has a number of responsibilities with the main ones being inspiring the team and coming up with strategies for winning. The coach also chooses the players to start and those to substitute in games.

What would the coach do in netball?

the coach would watch out for footwork, contact, off side and stuff like that.

What is the role of the coach in a netball team?

The role of coach in a netball team is to create better players and teams. They are in charge of everything from establishing training and training times to keeping players up-to-date on any netball-related news or games in their area.

What is the person called who will instruct you in the correct way to play netball?


Who's responsibility is to select a netball team Coach or Captain?

The coach is responsible for selecting the team and choosing the captain.

In netball what is a coach for?

They are just like any other coach for a team..... they work through skills gamesetc with the players.........

How many players in a netball squad?

There are 7 netball players on court at a time but there is also the coach, subs, manger and other helpers

What are the responsibilities of a coach?

to be nice

What is the role of a coach in a netball team?

To teach the players skills and give them tips

What are the four officials in netball called?

the officials are the captain- the coach- the timekeeper and the umpire

Which other sports have a head coach?

Basketball,Netball,Volleyball,Swimming and Cricket...

Is it normal to think your trampolining coach has nice legs?

It's normal if your coach actually has nice legs.