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Well theres two in the current game I can think of Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.
Nadal's speed on a clay court is simply amazing he reaches to every ball and has also won six grand slams.

Meanwhile Andy Murray has got a really good speed on the Hard-court Surfaces. HAsnt won a slam yet but has beaten Federer (Arguably the greatest player of all time) many times. The head to head between Murray and Federe is 6-3 in Murray's favor. He is tipped to win a grand slam in the future.

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Q: What is name of tennis player known for its speed and ability?
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Which tennis player has the fastest serving speed?

Milos Raonic...with a serving speed of 225km/h

How can you be a Division 1 player if im player varsity wide out football?

Concentrate on speed, elusiveness, and catching ability

What is Chronokinesis?

Chronokinesis is the ability to slow down or speed up time.Also known as time control

Why is speed important in tennis?

beacuse it is

What fitness components must you have for tennis?

Speed, Endurance and Strength are important for tennis.

Where can one find more information about James Blake?

James Blake is an American professional tennis player, who is best known for his speed and forehand. One can find more information about James Blake at the online site Wikipedia.

What is the speed of a serve in table tennis not tennis?

It depends on how hard you want to hit the ball

What are three occupational skills needed to be an nba basketball player?

skill, strength, speed, stamina, and the ability to wait.

How fast can tennis ball travel?

The ball itself can travel as fast as a force exerted on it can send it. This can range from 1 mph to 1,000 mph. An average first serve speed for male professional tennis players is about 120 mph, but it has been observed to be as fast as 155 mph (Andy Roddick, USA). Likewise, a male professional player's second serve speed can vary, but it is on average about 92 mph. An average male professional tennis player's shot speed is about 70 mph, with fast-paced winners increasing to speeds up to 110 mph (although it can be higher on rare occasions). Obviously, each shot can vary in speed depending on the kind of shot being hit, the speed of the ball before it makes contact with the racquet (depending on whether the shot is a return of the opponent's shot or not), whether the player is male or female, the player's age, the player's experience, and the player's physique. Reiterating the basic answer to the original question, there is no limit to the speed a tennis ball can travel.

Where is the speed of tennis serve measured?

What is being measured is the speed in which the tennis ball is moving. A radar gun, similar to the ones police use for giving out speeding tickets, is used to measure a tennis serve

Does temperature effect the speed of a tennis ball?


Why do you need speed in tennis?

because it is a physical sport

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