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well first off u need a good push off to start well, the begin the 5 dolphin kicks. no matter what KEEP YOUR HEAD BACK! AND UR SMALLEST FINGER HITTING THE WATER FIRST!

and just a tip for you, in freestyle or backstroke finish more on your side it can take up too 0.5sec - 1sec

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Q: What is most important about the backstroke?
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Who invented backstroke swimming?

Backstroke is an ancient style of swimming owes most of what it has to Harry Hebner.

What are four types of backstroke?

There is the normal Olympic backstroke and survival backstroke and that's it.

How do you say backstroke in french?


What is the most hard thing about backstroke?

There are many difficult things about backstroke, especially the dolphin kick start, the blind turns at the wall, and the blind touch to the final wall.

What are the other swimming strokes besides freestyle?

The most common swimming strokes are the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke and of course the freestyle. There are also the sidestroke and the elementary backstroke as well.

What are the other swimming strokes besides breaststroke?

The most common swimming strokes are the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly stroke and of course the freestyle. There are also the sidestroke and the elementary backstroke as well.

What is your 500 backstroke time?

There is no 500 backstroke swimming event.

Which sport do you go backwards to win?

The sports that you can win by going backwards are backstroke and rowing

When was Backstroke - album - created?

Backstroke - album - was created on 2004-07-13.

When is the elementery backstroke used in the water?

All the time. Backstroke is a stroke that swimmers use, and elementary backstroke is like an easier version of it. It's always in the water

Which country's are the best at backstroke?

There are many good countries that get alot of gold medals inn backstroke, such as the USA and Canada. but the very best in backstroke is Australia. they have won 14 gold medals in backstroke this year and broken 8 world records.

How do you do survival backstroke?

You lay on your back. Your arms and legs move the same as elementary backstroke.

What can you do in swimming?

You can swim four strokes (the most common, at least): butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

How do you get your 100 backstroke time down?

The most effective way to get your time down in any race is more practice. But for more instantaneous results work on your starts, turns and under-waters (they are very crucial to a great backstroke race).

If a swimmer elects to swim backstroke in a freestyle event what kind of starting method should be used?

Any, they cannot officially achieve a backstroke time as the judges are not judging them on backstroke rules. If they want to do backstroke to find out what time they can achieve, they should do a backstroke start. In freestyle you can do what ever you want apart from touch the bottom of the pool or pull on the lane rope, so you can start however you want.

What is a swimming stroke?

well, the most common one is freestyle but there are 3 more. Butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke.

When did backstroke flags appear in swimming?

Backstroke flags,typically displaying a schools emblem or mascot, are hung over a swimming pool during a swim meet in support of the "home" team. They are called backstroke flags because when the swimmmers are performing the backstroke the flags are visible and can possibly intimidatge the opposing team.

What are the different kinds of swimming?

Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, sidestroke, survival backstroke, torpedo, dolphin kick.

Which is the missing stroke in swimming medley - freestyle breaststroke backstroke ...?

The Invidivual Medley (IM) goes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle In a relay, the medley goes: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle

When was back stroke invented backstroke?

The backstroke is a swimming style that involves the swimmer laying on his back and moving his arms and feet to propel through the water. The backstroke can be dated back to ancient times, but it became popular after American Olympian Henry Hebner took the gold in the 100 m backstroke in the 1912 Olympics.

What is the fear of bumping into the wall when swimming backstroke in swimming pool?

Injuries to the head, hands, wrists and arms...Sometimes legs if attempting a backstroke tumble-turn or even a backstroke to breastroke turn. It was only today i injured my finger doing one of these turns; but these are the main fears of swimming backstroke in a swimming pool...

Which is the slowest of the four swimming strokes?

It's different for everyone. For most people though, it might be backstroke or fly

What is the order of strokes in an individual medley?

Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle In the medley relay: Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle

Who won the 1904 olympic men's 200m backstroke?

Men's 200 meter backstroke was not competed at the 1904 Games in St. Louis. The only backstroke event was a distance of 100 yards and it was won by Walter Brack of Germany in a time of 1:16.8.

What is a backstroke?

A backstroke is a swimming stroke swum while lying on one's back, rotating both arms through the water to propel the swimmer backwards.