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fried chicken

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Q: What is makes more money f1 or nfl?
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Which player makes the most money?

MJ of the Chicago Bulls and the F1 driver and Tiger Woods

How money deposit in the bank should i have in order to get the F1 student visa And can i get a loan if i don't have?

In general you will need to have $20,000 or more in the bank in order to get the F1 student Visa. You can get a loan in your home country if you do not have the money.

How much money do F1 racers earn?

f1 drivers earn different amounts of money depending on how good you are

Who has more money NASCAR or Formula 1?

A small bit of info, A fine levied by Nascar, in the thousands, Mcclaren was fined 100 million.Answer Formula one has less sponsors but more money, nascar has more sponsor less money. Granted formula one has great sponsors and more of an international following but the competition is more about the driver than people think. As far as team budgets go, it's definetly f1. the big teams have budgets from 100- 250 MILLION. with 10 teams, that's a ridiculous amount of money. I would disagree and say that f1 also has a far bigger following. sure, nascar is big in the us, but f1 is everywhere. it is the third most watched sporting event in the world, and nascar is further down the list. F1 has far more money. No question.

Who has more money Lewis Hamilton or nicol sherzinger?

Hard to say, but probably Hamilton because there is a lot of money in F1 from prize funds and multiple sponsorships.

Which is faster a mclaren f1 or a Ferrari f1 car?

Ferrari f1 because Ferrari f1 is faster than McLaren f1 Ferrari f1 has more mph (miles per hour) than McLaren f1 and Ferrari f1 has way more better aerodynamics than McLaren f1

What makes f1 so fast?


What is the prize money for wining the F1?


How money does a f1 driver get for winning the championship?

A lot of money put it this way

Who makes F1 pit passes?

The ticketing staff

What is the prize money first place in F1?


What is the most popular sport out of Football and F1?

The NFL is the most popular sport followed closely by NASCAR.

Which makes more a doctor or fashion designer?

Ralph Lauren is pulling down much more than docs (hence the McLaren F1 and ferrari colection), but there are many more doctors making large saleries

Who have more power and lighter in weight GT1 car or F1 car?

F1 car has more power and it is lighter than GT1 car

Is lamborghini better than Ferrari?

Depends on which brand is more popular in your area. in my opinion i like ferrari better they put much more money forward to research into new cars for F1 Raceing

Gas in tires of f1 car?

F1 tyres are filled with Nitrogen since it is a more stable gas than air

How much money does a F1 driver win in each race?

£32 a yesr

What alleles do f1 offspring have?

The Answers community requests more information for this question. Please edit your question to include more content and resubmit. Check your spelling and make sure your question makes sense. We need to know the alleles in the parents first.

Will there be a London f1 grand prix?

unlikely as silverstone would of held 50 F1 GPs in 2014. If silverstone was to close there is more establiable circuits that can be used to hold a F1 GP in the UK.

Who makes mclaren f1?

Mclaren are a British company, the cars are manufactured in Surrey, England.

What does the f1 f2 and f3 designation on a dog breed mean?

The F1, F2, and F3 designation on a dog breed designates the breeding. A Pure Bred Poodle and a Pure Bred Maltese makes a F1 MaltiPoo. When a MaltiPoo and MaltiPoo are bred, it gets a F2 designation.

How far does a F1 tornado travel?

There is no set distance to how far an F1 tornado, or a tornado of any category, travels. Though an F1 typically does not travel more than a few miles.

What is the most expensive sport league in the world?

Formula 1; it costs more per season than almost every other sport combined. I don't think so my friend that F1 is the most expensive league.....try NFL...National Football League from USA.......F1 published its annual estimates of spending by Formula One teams is around $3 billion..NFL is worth $9 Billion...its big 9 B.. even Indian Preimeer League of cricket is worth $4.4 billion That's the NFL overall revenue, not team budgets required to compete.

The ratios of an F1 generation are more likely to match Mendelian predicted ratios if the F1 generation contains hundreds of thousands of indiviuals?


Why is Aryton Senna the Greatest F1 driver?

Michael Schumacher, the greatest F1 driver living, admitted that Aryton Senna is the greatest F1 driver of all time. What makes Aryton different is that he would win every race in whatever car he uses. hes a demon behind a wheel.