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The NFL is the most popular sport followed closely by NASCAR.

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2007-10-16 17:44:39
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Q: What is the most popular sport out of Football and F1?
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What are Italian Sports?

The most popular sport in Italy is football (association football). Italy are the present world champions. Other sports popular in Italy are motor racing (especially F1), volleyball and basketball.

Which is the most paid sport around the world?


Which is the most expensive sport?

In total football, but if you look at spending per person who is employed, it is F1

What is the most common expensive sport?


What is the most expensive sport to participate in?


Why was F1 made a sport?

F1 is in the racing genre and racing is a sport so it was always racing.

What sport has won sports personality of the year awards the most?

f1 motor racing

How do soccer rank in the highest paid sport?

1. Boxing 2. F1 Racing 3. Baseball 4. American Football 5. Basketball 6. Football/Soccer

What is better f1 or football?

As a fan in both areas, I prefer football as nearly anyone can participate in it and it is also a great conversation topic as most people know something about it. On the other hand most people you will speak to dont know a thing about f1 and it is extremely hard and expensive to participate in f1.

How popular is Formula 1 car racing?

F1 racing is the most popular and expensive car racing category in the world. Unfortunately in the US it is not well known. Technology developed by F1 teams eventually is used in street vehicles such as the rear view mirror! Check out for more information on this amazing sport!

What sport did Michael Schumacher do?

He was an F1 driver.

What is the most watched sport on TV in the world?

soccerActually I believe the current most watch sport "on TV" is Formula 1 Racing. 527 million people watched F1 in 2010

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